Monday, July 25, 2022

The Ruby Rose Report



I have heard many stories about new dogs being taught how to act by their parents' latest angel. Well. I have three advising me, who all believe they are the best dog, and I should emulate them. Since I don't want to favor one of them, I took a bit from each.

From Foley Monster, I got my playfulness and mannerisms. She taught me how, when I am excited, to spin around in circles. Also, I learned how to entertain myself with toys, something my other two sisters couldn't do.

She also taught me to respect the bed, which has been difficult since my puppy energy kicks in around bedtime. Foley told me it was acceptable to play in bed as long as the lights were on, but when they go off, it is time to snuggle down and be still. I am seven years old in human years, so turning off the energy switch is hard, but when I do, I am closer to Mama than the blankets that cover her.

From Pocket, I have learned tenderness: How to take a treat gently or how to lick softly. Also, she taught me how to look in my human eyes with all the love heaven will allow. She wants me to learn from my mistakes, so I always try to pee in the middle of the pads. Peeing on edge leads to floor seepage and unhappy parents.

River Song first recruited me and has had the most significant impact on how to behave; she has taught me to be a Velcro dog, always by my parents' side and mostly with Mommy. She showed me how to give Daddy a face bath with my tongue. It's good exercise for my tongue, and the sweaty man tastes good.  

I must recognize my parent's first dog as a couple: Blake, who had no angel teachers to show her the way but still blazed a trail that all her successors followed. The only advice she gave me was to love them; the rest would be easy.

An intelligent dog like me also learns from my predecessors' mistakes. I avoid continually barking for table scraps like Foley, not to be as sound sensitive as Pocket, and not the succumb to separation anxiety like River. I am darn near perfect, but you want to leave something for your successor to approve of, which is why I bark like a mad dog when horses and dogs are on television, even though it is justified because the animals could smash through that thin glass and charge into the front room.

It takes a village of angels to raise a dog, and I hope I make them proud.

Love Ruby 🌹 


  1. You are doing a great job! And certainly wise to take all the Angel’s advice!!!! You are beautiful and we bet your pawrents are totally in love with you!!!! You

  2. The above post from Chipper and Jax!!!!

  3. I think you are definitely making em proud!

  4. Ruby Rose, you are so lucky to have the best teachers but they are lucky to have YOU for their student! You go, girl!!

  5. oh we bet they all smile because you are the best student ever...

  6. Ruby, you do well to take these lessons from your illustrious advisors, and Gail and I are sure you also have some of your very own unique (and no doubt charming) traits!

  7. It's great to meet you, Ruby Rose. Your angels have taught you well, we're impressed! Our angel Nicki taught Derry his annoying habits. But then, they were/are cats, so that's a bit different! :-P

    Derry and the biped

  8. Ruby, good job of barking at the TV; one never knows...

  9. Ruby Rose...what a thoughtful post and 100% tribute to those who came before you.
    I used to always tell Angel Madi never to forget those who came before her
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. You are certainly a special little lady to have so many wise angels guiding you and lessons learned will serve you well. But always remember that YOU are unique, and one of a kind, so be true to yourself in all ways too! There is no other Ruby Rose and never will be!

  11. Awww, we think you are doing wonderfully, each pup is a little different in their own right and your humans are happy to discover what makes YOU so special!

  12. You're adorable Ruby Rose and you're going to do just fine. You've had all kinds of wonderful pups before you to guide you in the right direction.

    Have a woof woof day and week. ♥

  13. What wonderful traits you have inherited to add to yours, Ruby!
    Rosy, Jakey & Sunny

  14. We're sure you'll do just fine!

  15. You had so many wonderful angel teachers and I know you will just be perfect. Hugs

  16. Ruby, You are a terrific student of the befores. You could give lessons...if you do, could you let us know. Our hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon could use some (even though she is 11 in people years). Thanks so much for sharing all you know! Purrs Marv

  17. Aww, Ruby Rose, you are a wise lady to take heed of the angel voices...and you can meld them all into YOU! We think your pawrents thing you are perfect!

    And yes we bark the TV and radio too...and sometimes the computer is if barks or meows at petcretary, BOL!


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