Thursday, July 28, 2022

Thursday Poetry Time


 This is the photo that Sammy and Teddy posted for us to inspire a poem.


 The wife said she heard a knocking from the bathroom

But I knew I should not assume

I climbed the stairs and turned on the lights

But there was nothing wrong in sight

I turned to go back down the stairs

When a loud knocking caught me unaware

I thought it came from the downed toilet seat

But what could be making that slow study beat?

I carefully lifted the top and  saw to my surprise

Our neighbors' boy Timmy pop up with no cries

Head first into the toilet he had fallen

Which in this vicinity was uncommon

He had no way to go in reverse

And found himself in a situation most adverse

So forward into the pipe he did go

Squeezing through the plumbing was slow

Until he saw a light coming from our hall

And he began to crawl

Like Shawshank's Andy he moved through filth

Around our bowl the water spilth

He got his foot caught in our small drain

But still able to think with his brain

He knocked on the seat and hoped for the best

And you already know the rest

I brought him across the hall to his dad

Explaining the situation so he wouldn't be mad

The dad was not angry, he seemed quite meek

As he explained his son traveled through the pipes earlier in the week

Wouldn't you know the little boy who used our pipes as a funnel

Would go on to build the Chunnell. 







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