Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Ruby Rose's Trip to Her Forever Home Part 2


The idea of being transported via airplane, like a shipment of illicit drugs, bothered me, and, if anyone tried to hide me in their anus, I was putting my paw down.

My dear Papa, Maestro, the grand champion, told me never to sign an agreement until I have peed on the fine print. I ignored that advice, and now I knew what he meant. There were a lot of hidden details that River did not tell me before I agreed to leave my lovely Florida home for the vast wasteland known as Massachusetts.

First, she told me I would be brought outside on a leash to pee. How uncouth; I was used to peeing when I wanted, not on command. Plus, I have a shy bladder and don’t like people watching me as I go. The good news is there were pee pads, which I preferred, as long as no one was watching.

I thought I would leave my first family on a Saturday, but the limo driver arrived a day early and said we were going to hit the road at 4:00 AM. What a rough time to be awake. I had to say goodbye to my students quickly and family, then I was placed in the “limo.” which was a Honda Civic, with no champagne or caviar. This trip was getting off to a promising start.  

My driver and owner of Lucky’s Pet Limo Services LLC, Peg, took excellent care of me. She was kinder than I was because the day’s anxiety and worry about much future overcame me, making me grumpy, and Peg had a dog who I did not cotton to. I like them in my family, but I draw the line at strangers. I have been known to bark at dogs on TV, and on my first night in my forever home, I was very vocal about my displeasure when I saw the Foley statue.

When I got up, and on the road, it was still dark out, and I curled up and went to sleep in my carrier. When we suddenly slowed, I looked to see a bad accident before us, but Peg smartly navigated her way around the wreck. Unfortunately, the flight attendants didn’t. I sat in the airport for an hour, then in the plane, on the ground, for another. Peg was worried we wouldn’t make out connecting flight, and I was more worried about the flight crew that couldn’t avoid an accident.

But soon, we were going down the runway and in the air, and it was bye-bye Flordia; I was airborne.

To be continued 


  1. Anxiously awaiting next chapter!!!!!

  2. What an interesting start to your adventure home!

  3. WoW1 That was not long...our human brother got stuck in Montreal for over 24 hours on his way to Boston and 22 on his way home from Boston. We can't wait to hear about the welcome!
    Purrs Marv

  4. Son Number One, had all kinds of delays on his way TO Belgium, and then it was even worse on his way back...it took him over 40 hours, a trip which if direct and all goes well, only takes about 8 hours...sigh...

    SO you did well, Miss Ruby R!

  5. Ruby we can't wait for the next installment!

  6. Gosh what an adventure Ruby. I am kinda grateful that my new home was only a 45 minute drive from my breeder.

  7. Ruby Rose...BOL BOL BOL you are a funny girl
    "if anyone tried to hide me in their anus, I was putting my paw down"!! You go girl
    you are an itty bitty friend full of gumption and sas... and star of your own new life. you will go far.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. We hope the attendants didn't expect you to wear a mask:). We are excited for Part 3.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. Big changes, friend! But I bet your story is going to keep getting better and better!


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