Sunday, July 17, 2022

Signing Up for the World's Worst Misery



From the desk of River Song.

Imagine being in the worst possible pain. Not the physical kind, which is debilitating, but the emotional pain you can never escape. That is what losing a dog is like, and only the loss of a child is worse.

Imagine placing your hand on a hot burner and leaving it there until the skin peels from your hand. Now imagine sticking your charred flesh in a bucket of salt. That is the pain of losing a dog. For the rest of your days, you avoid the stove, so the pain never occurs again.

But, pet parents continue to put their hands on the stove. Granted, we dogs are more rewarding than a stovetop, even if it is used to heat fantastic soup. But from the day a new dog walks into your home, the clock begins to check on one of the most incredible displays humans suffer. The only way to avoid it is by being the one who goes first but abandoning a dog to go to the immoral side makes for troubled angels when there should only be peaceful ones.

Foley told me if you love dogs, you should, even if you are not ready after a devastating passing, bring a new dog into your home because there are a lot of bad pet owners. You are saving a pup from a negative experience and giving them a forever home.

Not that humans are entirely altruistic. At most, having a dog is a break-even proposition. We give more love than we take, and what we do take is readily given. Human hearts need to give love as much as they need to take it. If a human has an unbalanced heart, it causes grief to move into your house. Like a freeloading relative or an elusive cockroach, it is challenging to get it to go once it has established residence.

Nothing cures an unbalanced heart like a pet. There is a seldom understood connection between man and animals. Even if a human does not own a pet, seeing one eases their pain. Pity the dark heart who does not like pets. They do not let love into their hearts, even when it is unconditional from pets, and they remain forever unbalanced.  

When a new pet comes into the house, a person signs up for unbearable pain when they leave. But, everything ends so something new can begin. You’ve got to concentrate on the middle chapters, and that’s where the good stuff happens.


  1. that is a super way to see it clearly what we do... it is the middle part what counts... the joy, the love, the everything.... we so so sooooo agree....

  2. I arrived very soon after my predecessor departed, although Gail tells me she was well prepared to say goodbye to Bertie as he lived with cancer at least a year longer than was predicted. She says she wondered at the time if it was "too soon" but now knows that my timing was perfect. After all, I am better than a stove top!

  3. When folks tell me that they won't adopt another furry friend, because it's too hard, I suggest that they visit a shelter or cat cafe, just to play. Our hearts have unlimited love in them, and it's necessary to use as much of it as possible.

  4. Beautifully written and so true! Karen Schlabach

  5. So wonderfully penned, Ruby Rose!!
    Rosy, Sunny and Jakey

  6. Ruby Rose you were surely sent by River Song and Pocket you are where you need to be!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. You have a wonderful way with words, Ruby Rose. And yes its very true what you say. We may hurt terribly after we lose a beloved furry one, but there seems to always be room in that broken heart for the next one or two. They don't replace, they only add to the love we have to share with each other.

  8. That makes purrfect sense, it's just hard to see the logic through the tears sometimes.

  9. My dear River have said it perfectly. "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". In my entire "long" life, I have never been without at least one dog to help ease the horrible pain of losing another one. They know and they understand when given the job of loving and extra support at the time of grief.

  10. Mom says she totally understands. Lucy came and helped heal her heart after Angel Lexi passed. That made her heart ready for ME! XOX Xena

  11. River Song you are a true safe! Truer words were never spoken!

  12. So true. I cannot imagine my life without a faithful and loving dog.

  13. That is so true. It hurts so much to lose a pet, but our mom figures that the best way to honor the pup that she lost is to give another pup a happy ever after too.


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