Thursday, September 7, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday.

Kiwi was depressed 

Doctors said the sweet Panda was stressed

They said, "He is carrying his pain in his chest

And we prescribed for him lots of rest."

But that didn't seem to do the trick

And they needed something real quick

Because Kiwi was getting sick

And the zoo would lose patrons and go broke, according to the arithmetic

A doctor announced what he needed was a friend

But putting him with another panda had previously produced bed-end

The other Panda he did send 

In-flight around the bend

They decided to try other animals, as Kiwi's pal

There was a kitty who told Kiwi to call him Al

And got thrown into the horses' corral

And Fluffy the dog was thrown into a different local.

Then, one of the experts suggested a toy

Which can often bring sad souls joy

And searching for something he couldn't destroy

They gave him a wooden pony so he could play cowboy

On a day Kiwi was exceptionally grumping

The toy pony at first caused Kiwi to start jumping

Then they started dancing and krumping

Then jumped on the pony and began humping

At first, the zoo owners were upset

But the appetites of the attendees he did whet

And from the humpings onset

Profits rose one hundred percent

Sometimes, you have to give people what they want

Even if it's something that no one should flaunt

But for people in the city looking for a Sunday jaunt

They could do worse than a Panda humping a toy pony like he's a sexual savant.


  1. I’m no poet, but I did attempt one a few years back. Maybe I’ll find it and add it to the blog hop! I’m impressed that you always write something each week! Well done!

  2. well then happy hump day to the panda ;O))))

  3. That was quite a tale you told in perfect prose!

  4. Bravo bravo I do good to write 3 or for lines with told us a perfect tale
    Hugs cecilia


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