Monday, October 18, 2010

Our perfect severance package from Hattie Mae

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. You would never guess what came to my house today addressed to me. Pocket Dog. Give up. It was a costume of a centipede from the greatest dog in the whole wide world who just fired our asses: Hattie Mae!

I ripped it open with my teeth and then jumped back. She had sent me a giant bug. Firing someone isn't nice but sending then a giant bug in the mail? Is her name Hattie Mae Montana? But then we sniffed it all over and realized it was something Mommy was never going to buy us. It was a training treat made of lime ice cream we could eat for days. We tuned our twitters and sniffed again and realized it was something else Mommy would never buy: A Halloween costume.

"It's mine, it's mine, it's addressed to me!" I barked. Foley humphed at me. "I don't allow myself to be dressed up in costume," she said. "I have my dignity."

She could have her dignity, I had a wicked cool bug costume. And I was going to be in the Halloween parade. Nothing had made me this happy since breakfast. I pawed at the costume wanting to get it put on immediately but Mommy insisted Daddy take me out to pee while she figured how it went on.

I hurried back inside and jumped on Mommy's lap sniffing and nipping at my costume. Then it was time to suit up.

I was so excited to get the first picture taken that I might have rushed it and not had the costume on right so we decided to give it another shot

I was rather stubborn about not having my bow covered up so the costume was sitting off my head a little bit but I think I am modeling it quite nicely. As you can see I am showing my teets (Foley says they are feet, I'm not sure.)

Then Foley decided that I wasn't wearing it right, and I wasn't showing the right amount of fright. So she decided to wear it too, just to show me who looks better. What do you think?

Foley is a little frightening, but I have more panache. We will let you decide.

And to sweet Hattie, you have given us more fun today than any two dogs could ask. Sorry we didn't do a better job representing you. We will do anything to get back in your good graces. Just let us know. And thanks you and your perfect Mom so much.

You're the best.

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  1. It's a toss up but I think Pocket if you're going to wear it you've got to wear it right and a really scary centipede would not wear a bow! It is halloween after all so for one night I would bite the bullet and put your bow in your little dresser drawer. Does that make sense little one? Reba Messina


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