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Smartie is our October 17, 2010 pup of the week

We have a little pup of the week conundrum this week, since our choice does not appear listed as a member. He is the sibling of one of our most beloved members but is not included in a profile. I was contemplating naming this blog, and the rawhide plaque presented to the winner, with the words: "Dog Hattie Mae nearly killed is our pup of the week."

There are many reasons to avoid this label. Firstly: We are representing Hattie Mae in any legal matter that may transpire from this incident. For her Attorneys to publish a blog so titled may be seen as an admission of our belief in her guilt.

So let's just say that there was an little accident between Hattie, and her sister, who is not a member of our Brigade, I'm not sure why, maybe she is insecure, maybe she doesn't like the whiff of our butts. But for whatever reason she isn't here, she is a member in our hearts.

Now this is what happened. Hattie's family had a tragic lint back up. A problem of the magnitude of the Chilean Miner disaster if we cared enough about fluff. A dryer repairman came and Hattie's siblings, Smartie and Fella were locked in a room so the repairman, his pup, and his son could take could fully appreciate the Hattie Mae experience.

The lint was rescued, the repairman and his pack vacated, and Fella and Smartie were set free. But somehow they emerged in an improper order. For years the sequence has been established, Fella emerges, Hattie snaps at him, Smartie smartly passes them by.

Well something unprecedented happened, which Hattie could not possibly have been able to foretell. Smartie left the room first. It may have been confusion. It may have been the start of a conspiracy against her by dark forces to discredit her. Whatever it was it caused a totally innocent Hattie to look very guilty.

Well Hattie latched on to Smartie thinking it was Fella and a real bro-hah-hah broke out. They had to be separated. Hattie's Mom grabbed her and gave her a good looking over and pronounced her fine. Their Dad did the same with Smartie. But, as we all know, if Daddy is checking you over, you are getting the short end of the stick.

The next morning Hattie's Mommy noticed that a Saw movie had been shot in their bedroom. There was blood everywhere. After further examination they found out the Smartie had a broken tooth that bled all night. (As her attorney may I point out that the crime that Hattie has been accused of is breaking Smartie's tooth with her ear.)

Now I must say Smartie proved herself to be a very brave dog. She must have been in horrible pain, and she didn't even make a whimper. I don't know many dogs who would have done that, so a big tip of the tail to Smartie who didn't complain about her injured tooth that was totally an accident.

Smartie had to go to the vet. She had a big cut on her tongue. (Sometimes I do that when I chew my food too fast, it's certainly a no fault injury) She had worn down the root of a tooth, and had a crown put on another one. (OK ladies and Levi, all together, let's dance: Put a crown on it, dah dah dah dah dah dah, put a crown on it, dah dah dah dah dah dah.)

She was very brave at the vets and didn't complain when she came home even though she was in terrible pain. She's going to have to be on soft food (ick) and take pills (double ick), for two weeks, which is like three months in dog time. If a human had to do this we would never here the end of it.

So, for being such brave girl and not bothering anyone despite her accidental injury, for being so brave at the vets, and being so brave in her recovery, Smartie is our Pup of the Week.

(OK Hattie, does this settle things with her? I still say you might have to offer a couple of dresses but I think we're close to settling this civil action with her. For heaven's sake, no nipping until it is settled.)


  1. Brave little Smartie! And poor lil Hattie falsely accused. :)


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