Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paranormal Activity

Good evening. I am Dr Hitchcock from the Sleepaway Institute. Recently I have been contacted by a one Miss Foley Monster. She had not had a good nights sleep in weeks, and, during a hastily put together family meeting, it was learned that no one in the family is sleeping soundly. Miss Foley weeded through the penis enhancement e-mails on her g-mail account to find a blind e-mail I had sent out to advertise my sleep study practice. I met with the family, and while her Mommy and Daddy seemed reluctant, and her sister Pocket seemed to have bladder control issues, eventually Foley won out, by sticking her tongue out and barking endlessly.

I put my night vision camera in their bedroom, promised it would not be intrusive, and left for the night. I returned in the morning. I retrieved the camera, went to my office, and hooked it to my computer.

The beginning of the evening was routine. A bed was turned down. Foley was picked up. Pocket tried to nip her as she was put on the bed. Daddy get in bed with Foley. They spent some personal time together as Foley tried to lick every sweat gland on his arms and face. Then Mommy came in, she gave the pups some pre-bed kibble, then they got in bed. There was some television watching, some very uncomfortable looking licking, some reading, and finally the lights were turned out and my subjects fell asleep.

Daddy slept on the right side of the bed, Mommy on the left. Pocket slept under the covers cuddled up with her Mommy. Foley slept on top of the blankets. An hour into sleep we had our first activity. Foley arose, stretched, walked up to her Daddy, and sat on his head, after she spun around and settled.

Daddy began to show troubled breathing. As Foley's tail swished in his face he brushed it away like it was a fly. His smothered breathing caused him to snore which woke an annoyed Foley up who went under the covers.

She found Pocket in her favorite spot, curled up where her Mommy's knee bent, and Foley nipped at her to move. Pocket turned and snapped at her and then the two of them began rolling around on the bed fighting over the spot. Their parents stirred slightly then fell back asleep as Foley pinned Pocket to the ground and stole her spot.

Pocket humphed and went to sit on Daddy's head but couldn't get comfortable. She then went to sleep on Mommy's head, but awakened her. She stumbled out of bed to pee. Foley and Pocket moved over to the warm spot on the bed and while she was gone performed Act One of the Mikado. The door opened and they dove back under the covers.

As their Mommy tried to get comfortable Foley led Pocket through the darkness like a Chilean miner looking for a cheese dog. They reached Daddy's bare toes. Foley showed Pocket how to lick all the good stuff in between his toes and they each chose a foot a began to lick. Daddy lay in bed with a grin on his face until Pocket's over active tongue woke him up. He too went to the bathroom to pee. Foley and Pocket went to the warm spot where is butt was. They licked all over the spot then settled down beside their Mom. Daddy got back in bed, rolled over on the wet spot, and lay awake wondering if he had become incontinent.

He fell back asleep and then, for a short time, the four lay together, then the blanket mysteriously began to gently lift. After several lifts Foley came out from under the bed with a grimace on her face. She then barked to Pocket. She came out and Foley began to speak but Pocket reminded her of the famous case of she who smelt it vs she who dealt it and Foley quieted down and climbed under the smelly covers.

Then they began to snuggle closer to their Mommy, and closer, and closer, snuggling, snuggling, pushing, pushing, until they pushed their Mommy right out of bed to the floor. When she thumped on the floor and sat up confused Foley and Pocket ran over to their Daddy and pretended to be asleep while she pulled herself back into bed.

Finally they settled in to sleep, the four of them, and the alarm went off Mommy and Daddy awoke, still very tired, not knowing how they could be so tired after a good night's sleep. They stumbled through the morning getting ready for work, and were soon out the door.

Then Foley and Pocket lay down in the sun finally able to get some rest

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