Monday, September 19, 2011

Foley Hopes to Make Some Celebrity Friends

As some of you know I am an administrator of a site called The Tanner Brigade. It is a small Ning site that our members can send invitations to people we want to join. We like to think of it as a small town with close knit friends, Doggyspace as the big city where you can meet thousands of dogs, and the blogging world as an entire country of dogs.

One of my friends is a fan of the books of Dean Koontz. He often uses dogs as characters in his stories. He even has a series of books about a talking dog, which is kind of silly. Us dogs can talk just like you humans. We just don't have anything important to say.

Now we sent an e-mail to Mr. Koontz asking that he have his dog on the Tanner Brigade. We haven't heard from him since. But we are keeping our paws crossed

That got Pocket and me to thinking, and Pocket to napping because while her thoughts can blaze high into the night they don't last too long. But as long as the Pocket fires were burning I took advantage and we made of list of other dogs who belong to celebrities that we would like to invite. We are now sharing this list with you.

Alexander Skarsgard's cockatoo:  We hear that the True Blood star has quite an extensive bird collection.  We would love to have his cockatoo on our site.  If he can't do that then we would settle for a cockaone.

Scarlett Johansen's kitty:  I recently learned that her kitty pictures are all over the Internet after her phone got hacked.  Her kitty shouldn't be all over the Internet.  So lets give her a place where she can put her kitty pictures for everyone to see.

Sylvester Stallone's Italian Greyhound:  This poor little fellow.  We hear, back in the day, his trainer used to give him these shots to make him big and strong, run fast after the rabbit and win races.  Now that he has got older the greyhound is a little shriveled, receded, and has back acne.  But we would still make a wonderful home for him.

Anderson Cooper's Silver Fox:  I must say I have never seen this fox.  I don't look at the TV a lot.  But whenever Anderson Cooper comes on TV Mommy says "oh look at that silver fox."  I look up right away but the fox must be fast because it scurries away.  Let's give him a home so everyone can see him.

Donald Trump's Squirrel:  I am not a big fan of squirrels but this is the closest human - pet relationship I have ever seen.  No matter where he goes The Donald goes he takes that thing on his head.  And I bet he's got some good stock tips too.

Eric Dane's Great Dane:  The Grey's Anatomy Dr. McSteamy is said to have a very Great Dane.  Somewhere on the Internet there is said to be a video of this Great Dane playing with a non Scarlett Johansen kitty.  Like her kitty we would like to put Dane's Great Dane on our site.

Brad Pitt's Monkey:  I honestly don't know if he has one.  But with all the kids he has adopted at one point someone must have thrown in a monkey.  You know, adopt five kids, we give you a monkey.  That's quite an incentive to take the fifth kid.  You might be leaving the country with four kids and someone says hey if you take fifth one you get a monkey and you got to take the monkey.  Right?  So I want his monkey on my site.  Period.


  1. Good luck with finding us a celebrity dog to play with on our virtual playground! Don't forget Ralf Machio has a squirrel too...

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