Friday, September 9, 2011

A Care package from Josie Koda Wills and Sophie Bub

It has been raining for days here so we haven't been able to get mail with Daddy. But each day there was mail for us. A birthday card from Hobo. Two cards from Hattie. But yesterday was the mother load. We got a CARE package from Josie, Koda, Willa and Mrs Sophie Bub. The card said the package was for Mommy and Daddy because the bad news Murphy had moved in with us. It was incredibly sweet and made them both very happy. The card said the toys were for our parents except for the green bones for our teeth. But the toys were obviously for us. To everyone but Mommy and Daddy. They both got down on the floor, took the tennis balls we received, and nosed them back and forth at one another and barked when the balls came near them. They then got out the long, plush, squeaky toys and walked around the house for a half hour with the toys in the mouth squeaking endlessly. Did any dogs every notice how annoying that constant squeaking is? Finally they gave us our green bones. Here are a couple of pictures showing us enjoying them (Foley enjoyed them so much she got the devil eyes.)

I am sorry the pictures are out of focus but Mommy and Daddy were out tuckered out from playing and could not focus.

When Mommy and Daddy became so tired they fell asleep we took the toys and hid them deep inside my leopard vagina kitty condo so we can play with them, which we believe was the original intention.

So thank you from the bottom of our Yorkie hearts and our parents' hearts. You brought some big smiles to sad faces. Mrs, Sophie Bub, Willa, Koda and Josie you and your parents are king of the hill, top of the heap, and we love you.

And remember, sending us gifts does not guarantee that we will write a blog about how wonderful you are, but it never hurts.

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  1. YAY for pressies! It looks like you're enjoying your care package. Have a great weekend!


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