Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paula Malatesta: Champion Dog Rescuer in Hospital Her Pups need Our Help

Paula Malatesta, a Hall of Fame dog rescuer has been stricken by a heart attack and is in the hospital. She will no longer be able to care for the dogs in her shelter. I have copied a DS blog authored by Jake the Snake that explain her situation and what dogs need homes. If you can help let us know.

This is Ann, Jake's mom.  I just got off the phone with Paula.

She sounds good but very tired. 

She went into the hospital Sunday night and she expects
to go home Thursday or Friday. 

I asked if she would like calls
and she said yes. 

The hospital is Lake Norman Regional Medica
l Center, Mooresville, NC. 

The hospital number is 704-660-4000. 
Her extension is 4233. 

You can ask for Paula Maletestra. 
I had to spell it and I was close so
they let me talk to her. 

She said she can keep 4 dogs and she
needs homes for these little ones: 

(An aside...I am having foot surgery on the 29th
and I won't be able to walk for at least two weeks
and then not drive for a while longer
so I won't be able to be too much help with physical stuff
but I can do coordinating, etc.)  

  • Princess Dyan (called Chewinie) Chi/Dashund mix,
    8 months old, spayed female

  • Walter, Chi, neutered, 5 years old

  • Taco, Chi/Dashund mix, neutered male
    (forgot to get age)

  • Gravy, 1.5 years, Maltese/poodle male,

  • Charlie Bear, 10 years old Shih tzu,
    male, heart murmer, almost blind
    (Paula just wanted him to have a home
    and not die in a shelter)

  • LeAra, small black pekinese, female,
    neutered (Paula would like to keep her) 
    (forgot to ask age but I think young)

  • Max, small black pekinese, male,

Paula wants to keep Brandon, Puppy and Khan
because they are "her dogs."  

Just to clear up one point....Paula said her husband
did not call and yell at her about the dogs
but she said she has
not heard from him.  He talked to her daughter. 
Basically she is alone here and she does
so much for doggies that I wish all the doggies
she has helped could get together and help her!

If anyone has any ideas, let's hear them. 

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  1. Sorry to have read about Paula so late. I am a former HS friend of hers from NJ. Is there any way to help her now? I hop she is recovered? I did send her $ some time ago to help....can do so now. Marlene Kostka Denville, NJ marlenekostka@yahoo.com


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