Monday, September 5, 2011

7th Heaven the 7 Blog Challenge

Awhile ago Kolchak and Felix challenged us to find blogs we had written that matched the categories listed in bold. We have written more than 400 blogs so it took us awhile to find the appropriate blogs. I am not going to challenge any specific bloggers but if any of my friends want to try the same thing, it is fun. If a little time consuming. Hope you enjoy.

1. My Most Beautiful PostWalking With Tanner With My PawsTen Feet Off the Ground From 2009 Foley Monster walks with her best friend Tanner Bub on his trip to Rainbow Bridge.

2. My Most Popular Post New Home From May of 2009 this was the first blog we wrote. It explained why we were kicked off of Doggyspace, the arrogance, the ignorance, and the cruelty of the former owners, and a tribute to the friends we were leaving behind.

3. My Most Controversial Post In Which Foley causes an international incident Foley was patrolling the grounds where she lives when she sees a kitty she believes is breaking into a neighboring home. Their altercation become an international incident that ends with her having a meeting with the kitty at the White House.

4. My Most Helpful Post Ask Aunt Foley Foley Monster takes actual questions from actual dogs unless she makes them up. She then gives advice based on her 11 years of life. Valuable advice on how to keep fooling your parents and getting out of trouble.

5. My Post Who's Success Surprised Me The First Ever Video of Pocket Playing Ball We have never used video in a story before, and haven't done it since. So this video of Daddy trying to to get Pocket to catch the ball in her mouth, with a guest cameo from Foley Monster herself, didn't make us believe it would get a lot of views. But it did. And it is still the only place to catch two of the Internet's favorite Yorkie in action.

6. My Post that Didn't Get the Attention I Feel it Deserved TWIB Notes When I read a blog I really like I link it to Facebook and Twitter, then leave a comment, and copy the URL to include in my weekly TWIB (This week in Blogging) notes blog. It's a way to check out some great blogs. But not one seems to be reading it. It's like have a library with all the great works of literature and no one reading it. I wish more people would give it a looksie.

7. The Post I am Proudest of Levi surrenders to General Foley Our experience on Doggyspace was not a good one. We found the former owners rude and crass. When we set up our own breakaway site we hoped, but did not expect, that we would make any difference, and maybe we did not. But if we helped drive the former owner away, and make DS a better place for blogs, we would be very happy indeed. This blog is about the former DS owner surrendering to General Foley based on Lee's surrendering to Grant at Appomattox.


  1. we like you blog challenge 7..
    Benny & Lily

  2. mhhh we might take up this challenge.... MIGHT that is...

  3. I still remember reading your blog about walking with Tanner and crying. Crying tear for all that we lost at the castle, tears for the friends we lost like Tanner and tears of joy that we had all com out the other side, stronger and better than before. The Paper Princess gave us a real gift that day, even though she never meant to.


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