Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lily and Izzy are our September 18, 2011 Pup of the Week

I believe Pocket noticed it before I did. We were curled up asleep in our leopard skin vagina condo when Pocket sat up and began to sniff the air. I told her to sit down but she said there was new pup smell in the air. I lifted my scenter too, and she was right, there was new pup scent in the air.
We climbed out of our condo. The first thing we noticed was that the air in the Brigade had finally cooled. That's probably why we snuggled up so much. Hobo was already up, drinking coffee and supervising the cats as they were building a fire to keep us warm. We asked him if he smelled the new dog but he said all he could smell was coffee and kitty litter. (How many of you thought I was going for the cheap double entendre there? Oh you know me so well.)
We walked over to where our members sign in but no one new had posted. But there was definantly new pup smell in the air. We went to Hattie Mae's place but she had the "No new dogs allowed" sign up she had ever since Jackie Lynn moved in.
We were perplexed. We went sniffing around. Cheyenne still had the new dog spell but it wasn't Chey. Wasn't Jackie Lynn either, she smells like sewing material and dresses now.
"How about Lily's place?" Pocket asked. I shook my head. Lily is a wonderful pup who is always taking in foster pups with her Mom. But there was no discussion of them taking a new one. We decided to head over there anyay.
But first we stopped. Pocket peed on the deep green grass. Then I peed over her. Then she came back and peed where I peed. Of course I went back and peed. We did this for about a half hour.
Then we headed over to Lily's and son of a gun if the new dog smell didn't get stronger. When we got there a white dog that looked like a big Lily was there, but didn't smell like Lily, and had a red rocket. We sniffed him. This was definately the new dog. And he did not have TB membership.
I told Pocket to scare the dog off. Pocket got up on her back legs and went Grrrr, Grrrr. The dog silently laughed. Pocket then nipped at her. The dog silently laughed harder. We were going to need a bigger dog.
I asked this dog who he was and he began to move his paws up and down and back and forth, touching his ears, his nose, his muzzle. Pocket ran and slid in the dirt because she thought she had been given the sign to steal third.
Then Lily popped out and I told her this strange, strong, silent Bichon had invaded the Brigade. Lily said no, this wasn't an invader, it was her new brother, and apologized for not signing him in.
"Your new brother?" Pocket asked looking at this dog. "He must weigh 20 pounds. What a horrible delivery for your mother."
"No," Lily said patiently. "You know how we give foster homes to dogs who need a temporary home, well this wormed his way into our family's heart."
"Oh that's too bad," Pocket said. "I had something worm it's way out my butt and I was on slop for a week." Lily smiled. She has a lot of patience with Pocket. We all do.
"No, I meant that he made us fall in love with him. Like your family fell in love with you the first time they saw you."
"My parents fell in love with her when it was either love or admitting $1,000 of ill spent money," I said. I walked up to the new dog and asked his name then jumped back as he started his judo movement with his paws.
"What is up with him?" I asked ducking and weaving.
"He had his barker taken out," Lily explained.
"Oh the poor thing," I patted the new dog's nose. "Who would take out a dog's barker, what a horrible thing." I said
The dog began to paw the air and his face again. "He uses sign language," Lily said. "I'm learning it. See when he puts his paw to his mouth he wants to eat, when he stamps his left leg he wants to got outside, when he stands on his back leg he wants to be picked up."
"What's it mean when he stands up on one leg and shakes his other three paws?" I asked.
"It means Pocket peed on our paws," Lilly said waving her paws trying to dry them. "Sorry, too much water this morning," Pocket said.
"Well I want to welcome this wonderful, barkless dog to the Brigade." I said bowing to him. "Our motto is freedom to bark but geeze there are somedays I don't mind the silence." Lily nodded knowingly.
Pocket walked up and asked his name and the dog started to paw the air again. "He can't talk Pocket!" I said, frustrated with my little sister. Pocket put her head down. I put a paw on her shoulder. She's not smart be she doesn't mean any harm. I asked Lily what his name was and he said "Izzy."
"Izzy," that's a nice name I said. 'I wish it was my name," Pocket said. "Izzy Gay, what a cool name." Oh Pocket.
Then Lily asked us if she could trust us with something and I said of course. She took us to her play area and showed us the dogs she was fostering. There were five dogs there in all. I had never known Lily took care of so many dogs. I would so proud of her I nipped Pocket to bring tears to her eyes because someone should be teary eyed.
And that's when I decided it. I called Lily to stand by Izzy. Pocket got my scepter. I put it in my mouth, touched both their shoulders, and shouted at them that I was making them both my Pup of the Week for September 18, 2011.
Lily thanked me and reminded me I didn't have to shout because her brudder was mute, not deaf.
"Izzy?" I asked laughing. No one else laughed. Sigh. I went back to my page and laid down to sleep. Boy this had been a long week.
But congratulations to Lily and Izzy. You are our very deserving September 18, 2011 Pups of the Week.

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