Monday, September 12, 2011

TWIB Notes

If you have been following the story of Disel, the dog who lived across the street from the Carny Dogs blog author is continued here.

Love and a Six foot Leash has an update on one of the dogs they fostered:  Lily.  You can read about it here.

Ashley Hill Owen does her usual outstanding job on Lucky Dog Rescue.  She asks you to imagine what it is like to be an unloved dog.  Please check it out here.

Did you hear our friends Koli and Felix ran away.  Oh the dumb twits.  I am so mad at both of them.  They are home safe and Mommy needs to fix a fence.  Of course the entire thing was their Daddy's fault.  You can read about it here

Here is a very sad story of a friend I never knew I had. Here The story of Kona who went to the Bridge on September 3.

Kirby the Dorkie recognizes all the hard working dogs out there in his Labor Day blog.

There is another friend we did not know we had who needs our help. It is from the HoundDogMom and the Hound Dogs blog. Cleo is in desperate needs of good thoughts and prayers. You can read about it HERE

Another Kirby the Dorkie story. You can read how he saved a bunny Here

The Dogs of Brazil give us two things we love, puppies playing and a new reason to root against Michael Vick here

Cindy Lu gives her blog to her friend Penny who tells the wonderful story of a boy and his dog growing up together here

There is a wonderful adoption story about a kitty named Dillon here

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  1. We are WOEFULLY behind in our blog reading, but we can't wait to check all these out AND YES, we are dumb twits for running away - and even DUMBER because now Mama says she has to spend a billion kibbles getting the old fence line replaced. Kibbl that COULD have been spent on snacks. So there you have it. STUPID STUPID STUPID.