Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blazer is our September 11, 2011 Pup of the Week

On 9/11 what would be more fitting to recognize a dog who's Mom used to be a 911 Operator? But that is only one slight reason for recognizing our shy poodle friend. I remember Blazer as my first friend on DS. It was so long ago I can't remember for sure but I know my first day as a social networking dog was spent sending messages back and forth with him.

Blazer and I have been great buds ever since. We like to get together in our dreams and run, play tug of war, chew on bones, and snuggle in the Maiden Lillies. We have both been on this Earth long enough to remember the terrible events ten years ago this day, and we've also climbed to the top of the hill, and now that we have started the long ride down, we are going to enjoy the view together.

Blazer is a very shy dog so I am sure some of you have not been as lucky as I have been and know him like I do. But whenever there is a dog who is sick, who needs some extra kibbles to get better Blazer is ready to sift through his meager kibble and always find some to send to some poor pup who needs it.

When our patron saint for Moms', Aunt Jackie, got sick with lung cancer, I knew that Blazer's Mom had survived the horrible disease. When we mentioned that Blazer's Mom could be a comfort to Miss Jackie during her ordeal Blazer's Mom e-mailed her and they continued doing so until the sad end. Blazer and his Mom have endless empathy for all us dogs and Moms.

Also Blazer and his Mom are great listeners. When either Pocket, Mom or I need to vent one of the strongest shoulders we rest our weary heads upon belong to either Blazer or his Mom. Better friends you could not have.

Because Blazer doesn't blog (he doesn't believe in his abilities to write, which is just silly) he flies below the Tanner Brigade radar. But he is always one of our most active members. Just check out the events section. Whenever we have a party Blazer is there with food, balloons, gifts, all the party favors we need.

And when one of us is sick, and need to hear kind words, Blazer's ears perk up and he trots rights over to his friend's profile with kind words and caring. There are Moms on this site who have spent hours on the phone being comforted by Blazer, who whispers in his Mom's the comforting thoughts our friends need to hear.

Blazer has never asked for a thing from anyone. When he was featured in one of Aunt Connie's Hump Day Funnies, well, let me tell you, he was nearly bursting with pride. Him and his Mom ans their kitty Kimber are an inseperable family. They have been the perfect snuggle family since the first day Blazer was rescued.

Last week we celebrated Bauser as Pup of the Week, and it doesn't seem like a week. Days fly by. It has been ten years since Daddy came home and said all he wanted to do is to take me and Blake Bear for a walk then we went to our human sister Kim's new house to play with Bailey. Thinking back, it doesn't seem that long, but for us dogs, it's more than half a life time.

Age is starting to catch up with Blazer. The days have flown by. Some health problems have crept in. He hasn't said anything, he is a shy and private dog, and I have violated enough of his trust for one day, but Blazer and his Mom does need the power of the Brigade, our good thoughts and prayers.

Blazer, you know Pocket and I love you, and you are a very deserving pup of the week on the anniversary of the day when we all came together and leaned on one another and understood, and looked out for one another, because that is what you do, and we are proud to call you our brother. Here is to many more days for you our friend.

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  1. Blazer is a wonderful empathetic canine for sure. My prayers will definitely be with you all, as I know the aging times are so difficult. Give Blazer lots of hugs from me!


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