Friday, September 3, 2021

Pocket the Half A Bee

I do not like to assume a bug’s body unless in an emergency.  They are cheap and always available but are unsteady, not cute, and unwelcome by humans.  Also, when you borrow one, you must get expensive insurance because they are easily squishable.  

    When Pocket came to me and said she wanted a bee body, I tried to tell her that she wouldn’t like it.  But, you know how persistent she can be.  So I took her to the hive and let her pick out a bee.  She wanted the smallest one available, nothing more than a baby.  She gladly paid the insurance for this very squishable body.  

    Pocket shocked me by saying she wanted to go at night.  I told her no one would be able to see a little bee in the dark, but she persisted. 

Before Pocket made her switch, I noticed a twinkle in her eye, the kind she used to get before she played with me.  I knew she was up to mischief, so I borrowed a moth body to keep an eye on her.  

We flew down to the front yard, and she settled on a flower while I fluttered by the window, trying to discover her motives.  Then I heard the door open and saw River walking on a leash.  I could have flown down to warn her, but I wanted to see what Pocket’s play was.

When Pocket saw River, she flew her little bee body towards the pup.  I thought she was going to bite.  I wouldn’t blame Pocket.  River took big chunks out of her a few times, and Pocket had become an avenging angel.

Pocket settled on her leg, and I waited for the yip from River as Pocket stung her, but there wasn’t one.  The river began walking into the house, and I saw Pocket’s bee body holding on to River’s leg.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  Pocket was getting into the house in a body.  Since humans learned to put doors on dwellings, this has rarely happened.  

I flew to the window and watched.  I saw River begin to shake her leg like she was trying to kick a thousand little soccer balls in a row.  Pocket continued to aggravate River by running up and down her leg.  Finally, the humans noticed River’s odd behavior and dropped to the floor to discover what caused this spasm. 

When Pocket was found on River’s leg, I shut my eyes, expecting her body to be squashed, but something strange happened.  Pocket was put on a finger, and she got to feel what all angels long for, their human touch.  It lasted several glorious seconds until, because no one knew it was her, she was dropped in the sink and sent to the sewers.

I flew back to the Bridge, where an excited Pocket had happily paid for the lost body. She told me how wonderful it was to be touched by a loving human again, even if they found her revolting.  It was an angel’s dream come true.  While I wish I had thought of it, I was proud of Pocket.  

So, next time there is a bug in the house, before you kill it, give it a little pet because you never know who it is.  


  1. Mom tries to put Bees, Wasps, Spiders and Moths outside. She does this thing with a glass and a piece of paper. Flies,and those weird garden bugs and ants - they get squished and composted. Pocket would have been carefully taken outside and allowed to fly free!

  2. Happy birthday, Angel Pocket. (This is also the day our Lexi became an angel.) It was nice you could celebrate by feeling the touch of your person's hand again.

  3. Pocket, you miss your parents so much.

  4. Insects are important, even if humans don't always like them.
    Except for the spider that ran across my mouse pad during a Zoom meeting two days ago; scared the dickens out of me!

  5. We love bees. Especially the big fuzzy bumbly ones. In our house, most bugs and spiders are caught and put outside safely. We only ever swat flies.

  6. We'll remember the no squish rule always!

  7. We made Mom read this post very carefully because she is a bug squasher if she finds them in the house. Now she will have to be more careful and caring because it just might be one of our Angels:) Thanks for the beautiful story.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Oh my! we don't like bees, especially the one that stung our mom a few days ago, but now we will think otherwise!

    Rosie and Redford

  9. Hi friend, Ojo here! I think I would pick a spider instead, they're very clingy! Or maybe a butterfly so I wouldn't get washed down the drain! I wish I could say that I will not snap at bees anymore, but that is not true. I will still snap at bees. Sorry, friend!


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