Monday, November 29, 2021

Monday Question


Are your parents decorating for Christmas this year, and is there a decoration for you, or  a sibling, or angel?


  1. River Song: My parents finally decided to put up the decorations this year. There is an ornament for me, just as there was for all my parents' pets. I also have my stocking.

  2. we got two ornaments with our names by da sandspring team... but one is gnawed... probably mice?

  3. We have a fox terrier Christmas tree ornament, of course!

  4. We have no decorations at all. We got rid of everything Christmas about five years ago. Ladders and us don't mix anymore. The only thing we have is a Christmas wreath that's on our front door.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  5. Mmmm, June is going to have a discussion with her human about this ... as soon as this comment is signed off ...

  6. OK. Discussion over. Apparently NOT this year.
    1. apt too small for tree
    2. no place for tree
    3. mom is "old" now so gave hundreds of tree things to her kids
    4. we did put jingle bells on our door
    5. might take jingle bells off our door, they are noisy
    6. we did hang pretty red berry wreath at window
    7. June kept knocking down red berry wreath
    8. re-hung wreath up near ceiling (looks stupid)
    9. June! primary reason there is NO tree
    10. Sorry, Discussion ended

  7. cuzin daiz haz stuff up N out...

    but over heer therz nothin...

    less ya count de plastic gardin stake thinga santa and snow dood that iz outside N lite up at nite for bout

    ...4 minitz
    ;) ♥♥

  8. No decorating for the holiday, or any holiday.
    However, we have several twin black cat statuettes, which are decorations, as well as MANY framed photos of all of our friends.

  9. While my brothers were here over Thanksgiving, they helped Mom put up the tree and hid while she decorated the rest of the house. Angel Lexi has 2 ornaments with her name on them and there's a schnauzer without a name. Angel Sammy had a boat named after him when he passed. Guess you have to die around here before anything gets your name on it. Lucy and Xena

  10. We always decorate here and each of us, including our Angels, has a special ornament.

  11. We don't have a tree or decorations this year as we are finishing up some renovations hopefully by new years. We look forward to decorating for next year however! Though no promises as to where the claws may paw...

  12. Not very much this year, because we're moving right after 2022 begins!

  13. We have several doggie ornaments! They're our favorites!


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