Friday, November 5, 2021

Pippin and Jolie A Love Story Across Dimensions: Part 2


Even in another dimension, where dogs rule, Jolie and Pippin, two star-crossed lovers, find one another.  

While he was away at war, Jolie' mom forced her to marry Roland the Great Dane, who became the father of her children. They met pre the great squirrel war, fell in love, and unbeknownst to Pippin, became pregnant.  General Hobo recruited Pippin to join the army when the vermin began invading the gardens of Paris. Meanwhile, during a daring mission, Pippin got his leg caught in a trap.  

Pippin continually pulled on his leg until it was free, causing two of his claws to come off, and he could no longer perform his duties, so Hobo sent him home. When Pippin learned Jolie had a litter with Roland, he drowned his sorrows in bone beer, causing him to oversleep and lose his job.  

Distraught, and, having learned his mom and aunt had gone to the Bridge, Pippin took to living on the street.  One day, he saw a horse-drawn carriage, and, when it stopped, he recognized Jolie, wearing expensive jewelry and furs, disembark, and go into the butcher's to order food for dinner.  When she came out, she noticed Pippin and took pity on him, offering him a job as her driver.

Pippin slept in the stables, and one day, the sound of puppies playing woke him up.  He looked out the door and saw beautiful tan and black pups frolicking.  He realized a Great Dane could not have fathered the children, and they must be his.  When he went to the house to confront them, Gerald intercepted him and, after hearing Pippin's accusation, accused him of stealing and called the bulldogs to have Pippin arrested.  

While they were waiting for the police to arrive, Pippin said Gerald was stealing his girl.  Gerard said it was Pippin's fault for not answering her letters.  Pippin said he only got a few notes, and then they trailed off.  "That was because of me," Jolie' mother announced, entering the room,  She said Jolie trusted her with mailing the letters, and she threw them out because he was not worthy of her.  

"Mother, how could you?" Jolie, who no one realized had entered, asked heartbrokenly.

"Yes, I am shocked!" Gerald yelled.

Jolie's mom did not want to take the blame and told Jolie that Gerald had helped.  Jolie stepped up to him and asked if it was true, Gerald denied it, but Pippin, who had learned a  lot in the army, knew he was lying because Gerald's tail was between his legs and told Jolie that.

Betrayed, Jolie slapped Gerald in the nose and told him he was a bad boy.  Enraged, Gerald reminded her it was his house, and she would be homeless, along with her children.  Pippin said he would provide for her, which caused Gerald to laugh; knowing his prospects were poor, Jolie and the puppies would likely be living on the streets if they left.

Jolie shocked him when she said being homeless with Pippin was preferable to be trapped in Gerald's mansion.  Her mom, worried about her situation, begged her not to go, but Jolie had realized trusting Gerald was a mistake, and Pippin still had her heart.

Jolie  got her children together and left the house, never to see Gerard or her mother again.  They had to survive on the street for the first few days, but Pippin located General Hobo, now home from the war, and Gerald was the first hire in Hobo's bone detection agency.  From that point, Pippin could afford a house and gave Jolie the life she deserved.  They lived happily together for years.

As they have in many universes, none more than the one where we live.


  1. YOU have made my Saturday! Loved this!!

  2. That's sure a wonderful and happy story!

  3. It's good to know that we each are attached to our loved ones beyond this mortal coil.
    Have always believed that Celestial Paddy and I had a bond that was stronger than just one lifetime.

  4. Hi friend, Ojo here! This story tells me that maybe I would find my family in other universes too!

  5. Pre-marital sex can lead to all kinds of puppies. And as for you, Gerald, bad boy!


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