Thursday, November 4, 2021

Pippin and Jolie Have a Love That Crosses the Multiverse


 If the Marvel universe has taught us one thing, there are many other dimensions where we live different lives but still manage to defeat the odds and find our soulmates.  This is the story of Pippin and Jolie, who find one another no matter what universe they occupy.  


Jolie is a beautiful little golden-haired girl who lives in France and works in a bone shop with her mom.  Pippin is a handsome dark-haired boy who makes dog strollers so new moms can wheel their pups around to show off to their neighbors.  He lives with his mother and aunt, who are both ill.  


One day Jolie was pushing a cart bringing bones to her customers when a wheel snapped off.  She dragged it to Pippin's shop, and when they saw one another, they knew they were meant to be together.  They had to hide their relationship because Jolie's mom had a handsome Great Dane doctor she picked out for her daughter.  A mere mechanic would not do.  


Meanwhile, the squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks had allied along the border, attacking Paris and stealing all the vegetables.    General Hobo, who was in charge of the Parisian army, needed recruits for the battle.   For Pippin, he had to choose between love and country.  He promised Jolie her would be back, then joined the freedom fighters.  


The war took longer than expected.  The Parisian army was able to push the nibbling troops back across the border.  Hobo promoted Pippin to colonel, and he got a regiment.  He soon became Hobo's most trusted advisors.  Because of his duties and always being on the offensive, Pippin had little time to read or answer his mail.


Back in Paris, Jolie discovered that she was going to have a litter.   Her mother was furious when she found that Pippin was the culprit.  She ordered Jolie to marry Roland, the Great Dane.  Jolie, still in love with Pippin, refused, but when several of her letters went unanswered, she thought Pippin no longer cared for her and accepted Roland's proposal.  They were married, and then he claimed the puppies as his own.


Unaware that his love was with puppies and getting married,  Pippin undertook a dangerous mission to slip deep into the garden and lay down traps for the vermin army.  If he made it back, he would be sent home to Jolie.  Everything was going fine until a rogue rabbit surprised him with a shove.  Pippin's leg went into the trap.    He tried to remove it but couldn't move, and the enemy was approaching.




  1. Oh My Cod! I am hanging on my my claws! How am I going to wait to hear if Pippen gets away????

  2. oh boy... we can not sleep tonight.... that is a super story...

  3. Your writing is beautiful I feel like I'm there.
    Hugs Cecilia


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