Friday, November 26, 2021

Foley Fails to Welcome Two Cats to Rainbow Bridge


There have been so many new angels this month that I can miss their arrival if the Powers That Be do not assign swearing-in duties to me.  That happened to two cats from the same family this week.  And, I am not proud of the way I discovered my error.

Cats are welcome to live with us at Doggyspace Villiage if they have pup siblings, and we do not stop dogs who want to room with their cat siblings in Kittyspace Villiage.  But, unlike the occupants of Blogville, where all animals are welcome, we are suspicious when we see an unaccompanied cat lurking along the border.

I was up early in the morning taking a walk when I saw two cats creeping across the wet grass.  I immediately thought they were sneaking in to steal some of our kibbles, so I charged at them, barking and flashing my fangs.  The cats stopped and began laughing, which was quite emasculating.  

"You shouldn't be here unless you are with a dog!" I said suspiciously.

"We are visiting our brother," the black one answered.  

"I know all the dogs here, as well as their siblings, and you aren't one of them."

"We are new arrivals.  I am Sambo and came to the Bridge after 19 years because my mom could no longer see me suffer from dementia.  When  I arrived, I was reunited with my memories.  A few days later, the seizure monster attacked my brother Garfield, and he came here after suffering a hundred of them in one night.   Tilly invited us to live with him here."

"Ha!" I said. "I know for a fact that you and Tilly are not siblings!" I said confidently.

"Yes, they are," Tilly, who had appeared behind me, said.  "I know you are busy and missed their arrival.  Also, I have been away.  
It has been the worst possible time for my family.  Not only have Sambo and Garfield passed, but COVID has destroyed my father's family, claiming his mother, brother, and aunt.  I welcomed them and have been trying to help my family settle here at the Bridge and ease my parents' burden.  Now I am going to help my cat siblings."

I knew two things.  Tilly was the most extraordinary angel ever, and I was a true crap puppy.  I apologized to the cats and welcomed them.  I promised I would do anything needed to help their transition.  They forgave me because being merciful is something their parents instilled in them.

Then coming over the rise, I saw their grandmother, aunt, and uncle.  All three angels ran to the humans and were picked up and snuggled.  

I knew the family was going through one of the worst times any family could experience.  But, they are strong and have mighty angels on their side.  

Still, I walked to our little church and said a prayer for the family.  I know they will escape their grief, but it will take a lot of faith, angels, and love.  


  1. Such a horrible time for that dear family, we all send mega healing prayers.

  2. I send many purrs and hugs to the family
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. I want to offer you my heartfelt thanks for the post you prepared in 2018 after Madi got her wings.
    I typed in Madi's name in the itty bitty white box on the upper left side of your blog.
    Lo and behold I saw your precious loving words about Madi's passing. You lovingly and purrfectly described our sweet Diva, aka Baby girl aka her Daddy's Bosai bunny.
    Thank you so very much.
    Hugs and head rubs

  4. Cannot image how heartbreaking this is for the humans left on Earth.
    Foley, you'll do better next time.

  5. What an awful number of losses for one family to have to endure ! Any one could be overwhelming. Purrayers to all of them.

  6. We wonder how anyone can experience that much loss all at once and keep going.

  7. We know it can be difficult when things are busy. We are glad that you did finally get to meet the newcomers. We send Tilly's grief stricken family many purrs, head bonks and Strength.

  8. We hope this story gave their humans some comfort.

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