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Pocket the Princess


I was sitting on a pony trying to balance while holding a lance as a giant galloped towards me, intent on knocking me off and sending Pocket and me to boiling oil and prison. 

The only advantage I had was my lack of size. I bent over the horse's neck as the Giant passed me, and his lance grazed over my head. 

This occurred several times as the Giant came closer to knocking me off with each pass. Also, I had no offense, so it was a matter of time before I was knocked off. 

Pocket knew we were in danger, so she ran across the field and nipped at the Giant's horses' hooves. The stallion, not familiar with such a tiny dog, was startled and reared up on its back leg. The Giant was unable to hold on and crashed to the ground. We were victorious. 

The Giant, who was undefeated, challenged the outcome saying Pocket illegally interfered. The king was ready to make a ruling when a prince stepped forward and said Pocket was the bravest soul he had ever seen. He was smitten and declared he wanted to make Pocket his Princess. 

To my surprise, Pocket graciously accepted the offer, and suddenly we were both whisked away by a bevy of handmaidens who prepared Pocket for her royal wedding. She insisted that I be her maid of honor. 

I was worried my sister was rushing into marriage, But I was comfortable knowing it was a fairytale wedding that always ends happily ever after. Pocket said the entire family could move into the castle where we could live peacefully, at least until the tide came in and washed us away. 

The wedding was approaching when the Queen asked Pocket to meet her for brunch. I accompanied her and became frustrated when everyone assumed I was her servant. Princess Pocket was going to be a tough title for me to swallow. 

We went into the parlor for tea, and Pocket jumped up on a chair. "excuse me," The Queen said, "we don't allow dogs on the furniture." 

Pocket immediately realized she could not live in a castle and be regulated to the floor. She whispered to me the wedding was off. We were in for the door with the Queen's men and the lovelorn Prince in pursuit. 

This time we used our size to our advantage. We slipped and darted through the legs of our pursuers, who were hampered by their armor. We made it outside and saw the knights were going to pursue us. We had no choice but the back kick sand on the castle until it collapsed, saving our land from marauding knights. 

When we got home, I could tell Pocket was disappointed at not being a princess. I brought the pack together, and we did a coronation ceremony naming her princess of the family. I have never seen her so proud. 

After it was done, I congratulated her on being a princess and reminded her that I was the Queen. 

She was happy with that as long as she could get on the furniture. 


  1. No dogs on da furniture?? Who would get on it? HUMANS???

  2. gad you escaped... we learnt that all that princes were frogs once... a reason to avoid them (even when you are french LOL)

  3. You started my morning with a smile and all the love in your adventure, Pocket.

  4. Everyone has standards, and it's good that Pocket discovered this outrageous rule before she was bound legally!
    Her line in the sand *cough cough* was crossed!

  5. Everyone deserves happy furniture times!

  6. river...pleez if ewe see THIZ commint ta chex yur emailz ♥

  7. Yes, not being able to get on the furniture is a HUGE dealbreaker!

  8. What a great story, Pocket. We all know you are the Princess with a capital P ! XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

  9. Princess Pocket sure has a nice ring to it! She could use it if she ever decided to get married. However, I applaud her independence.

  10. Hi friend, Ojo here! Getting on the furniture is a MUST!


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