Thursday, June 30, 2022

Poetry Thursday



Sami from Two Spoiled Cats has challenged us with another photo to test our poetry skills. Here is our submission




Fred took his wife Mary for a balloon ride

She had proven to be a most nervous bride

During the trip she peppered him with queries

And spoke up loudly and clearly

Fred I am afraid we didn't lock the front door

He told her he did, he knew it was an important chore

She said they left the dryer on

And Fred said he turned it off before they were gone

She said she was sure the iron was plugged in

And he said "relax and enjoy the spin"

They saw that looked like a heavenly star burst

And Fred thought she could not still see worst

When she informed him it wasn't a star bust at all

And she didn't want any trouble on them to befall

But the starburst was their house aflame

And she knew who to blame

For the iron had been left plugged in

And to her it was a sin

To be 1,000 feet in the air

While all they owned burned upon repair

And Fred wondered if at the end of it all

Fred would be better off taking his chances with a free fall



  1. hahahaha good one... we think da free fall can be da solution ...da final one..

  2. Fred must have the patience of Job...or is looking now for a good divorce lawyer!

  3. Egads, that balloon trip didn't go well at ALL!

  4. YIKES yet more proof why my feel stay on the ground
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. I could never go in a baloon. Too scary to me.

  6. That was a good one, well, except for Fred!


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