Sunday, June 5, 2022

Tiberuis Proves You Can Never Have too many Angels


When a dog goes to the Bridge, we concern ourselves with the parents they left behind, but we must not forget that the humans aren't the only ones who suffer. There are other pets in the household mourning the loss of a friend.  

This week a dear Husky friend Tiberius left the mortal world to join his sister Tasha, and other Sullivan pack angels, on the other side. A sweet and loving dog Tiberius was one of the calmest Huskies. Because of his parents' illnesses and close Bridge calls, the family was often chaotic, and Tiberius was a much-needed quiet influence on the family.  

Because the spreaders of illness and frailty have often set their science on the Sullivan parents, they need mighty angels like Tiberius and Tasha to fight them off. When the villains renew their efforts, the angels need help in their fight. Luckily the family has opened their hearts to many dogs and has kept the demons at bay.  

Before he departed, Tiberius brought his pet pack together and explained he was needed to keep his parents safe in the next world. They understood and, with heavy hearts, bid their big brother adieu, but one of them, Wyatt, was not sure what was happening.  

Wyatt spent the days after Tiberius' departure looking for his big brother and sleeping on his bed. We dogs enjoy a considerable advantage over humans. Because being the dominant species is serious work, they have lost the magical ability to see angels. Still, we lesser superior beings can, so Wyatt could see Tiberius when he visited as a ghost.

Wyatt was sleeping in the bed when Tiberius visited him. The little dog lifted his head saw his brother and said: "There you are. I have been looking everywhere for you." Tiberius reminded Wyatt of the oath they had taken to protect their parents, which required him to leave and become an angel.  

"But I miss you," Wyatt said.

"I won't be too far away. If you miss me, just say my name, and I'll be here with you."

"Can I go with you?"  

Tiberius explained how they each had a role in their parent's life, and Wyatt's was to protect them in the mortal world while Tiberus' was charged with doing it in the immortal world; Wyatt nodded that he understood  

"Someday in the distant future, but still too close, we will all be together again," Tiberius said. Wyatt said he couldn't wait, and Tiberius chuckled, knowing that waiting was the hardest and the best part.  

Wyatt said he liked Tiberius' bed because it smelled like him and made him feel closer to his brother. He asked if he could keep it, and Tiberius said he could if he promised to become the pack leader. Wyatt happily agreed, then asked his brother if he would lay with him one more time. Tiberius agreed, and they cuddled together.

Seeing the worried Wyatt smiling made his mom smile, too;  it was a sign that they would carry in despite the circumstances. 


  1. Thank you so much. You have Don and I both in tears💜

  2. Beautiful. A very honorable tribute.

  3. Tears here too. Tiberius was a good pup.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. We love this story about a wise and wonderful husky.


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