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Song Parody Tuesday


Why is this song parody Tuesday? Because it's Tuesday and I wrote a song parody. Such is the beginning of great traditions.

Let me know if you can determine the song this is based on. It would be impressive if you did.

Here we go:

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Living with dogs

Pee on the kitchen floor, can’t find the mop

Poop on the living room rug, the house smells like crap

Dead chipmunk on the porch, oh God I can’t cope

Standing in the rain,  please baby pee

Her eyes say: “Sorry Mommy, not today”

Revolving door dogs, never live long enough

14 dogs in just one life,

Alice and Jax, River Song, and Copper and Barney

Foley, Bailey, no Bailey was just a guest during her mom’s pregnancy

Copper, Skye, Jordan, Blake Bear, Spotty, Carly, and Bandit

And Pocket, the steam vacuum’s dream, whose house breaking never quite took

Don’t forget our online friends including Geordie, Tiara, and Phenny

More like a family than your family, hey

The time is flying, and we’re always mourning,

Why do we keep bringing them home when it always ends in heartbreak?

Our lives are sort of sinking, so let’s start drinking

Because it is hopeless and dogs are our life

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Living with dogs (ya-ya-ya)

Living with dogs  (woo-oo-oo)

One more time 

Living with dogs


  1. oooh oooh ohhh da phenny is in da song... we have a diy project... we need bigger doors so he can pass with his giant head now LOL we love the sond and it is what we feel and see efurry day...

  2. Well, humans aren't too clean either, especially I'm told.

  3. Hi friends, Ojo here! I am howling along!

  4. We thought maybe the song is "Who's in the house" but maybe not...


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