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Friday Fill Ins


I am here to play fill in the blanks. The statements are provided by Four Legger Fur Balls and 15andcounting. The statements are in black, and my fill ins are in red 

All responses are by me: Ruby Rose, a one-year-old Brussels Griffon. 

1. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my back paws taste sweeter than my front paws.

2.  I am disappointed with my front paws. Why can't they taste sweet? I got some sour front paws. 

3. I come running when I hear the treat jar open. I can't miss treat time. If I do, I will only have my sour front paws to eat. 

4. I didn’t believe the government shot down my big white door dash balloon that was carrying my order of sweet and sour paw from China until I saw it for myself. 


  1. Sour front paws!?!? Oh No! As a cat, I have noticed that my front paws are often full of sand and dirt and gravel and litter that I have to clean off. The best thing about snow is that it cleans my paws! Keep being awesome! Purrs Marvelous Marv

  2. Sorry, but you shouldn't-a-be eating treats from "there" anywayz and if they were being delivered by slow-mo balloons how could they ever be fresh?

  3. Speaking of paws....way back when we are owned by Toto the mighty mini Dachshund
    I do declare his paws all smelled like Fritos. My Mind wonders if yours do too Ruby Rose
    Hugs cecilia

  4. Maybe your front paws pick up the dirt, and by the time your back paws get there it has gone!

  5. We are going to have to compare paw taste now. Lee and Phod

  6. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I wondered what was really in that balloon. :)

  7. Those were good answers but don't be riding in any balloons soon!

  8. I wonder if angel Joey dog had four sweet paws. He was always licking them.


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