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Poetry Thursday

It is Poetry Thursday once again

When Sam and Teddy challenge my brain

By giving me a photo to inspire me

Then writing it down for the world to see

I think back on my youth, those sun-filled days.

There were friends and many games to play

We would go on swings, climb on bars

Play astronaut and drive the race car

No matter what we played, we would declare a winner

Just before we all went home for dinner.

There was no pressure to win

And I was the best at a game called spin.

A dozen of us would stand on the horseless merry go round

The big kids would spin us, and our shouts made quite the sound

They were joyful shouts of glee

We would never again feel so free

I was best at spinning.

Which I always ended up winning

Not by who could stay on the longest

Or who could push the most and be declared the strongest

It was the furthest and not by time

But using an old clothesline

They measured how far from my playful comet

That I could projectile vomit.


  1. ...we did the same... efurrything was a challenge&competition.. even to drink soda and to burp a melody and your friends guessed what song... I ended similiar...vomiting... #hateorangesoda

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The good old days when we played outdoors.
    The days well before computers :)
    Great poem ;) MOL!!!

  3. BOL BOL BOL you always surprise and delight us with your closing lines
    Spinning will definitely bring things 'up'!!
    Hugs cecilia

  4. ruby....sneekin round two day on free wi fi and wanted two make sure we stopped bye two say hi, hope everee onez doin sooper grate and heerz two an awesum week oh end !! ♥♥♥

  5. I enjoyed your surprise ending, from a distance!!!


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