Thursday, February 9, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Its Poetry Thursday!   

Here is the photo Sammy and Teddy provided to inspire us.

Below the photo is my humble offering

Timmy was surprised by the new girl in his class

With the sweater, the glasses, and the shapely little gravitational mass

He could not take his eye off of her

The cute new transfer

He imagined how their life would be

With him with her and he with she

She will make any meal I choose

Unless she thinks I have weight to lose

She and I will watch the game

Unless the time the Bachelor start time is the same

We will spend every weekend going on tours

As long as I finish my chores.

I will go fishing with my friends

Unless her family had a function, I must attend

I will live free as a bird

As long as it is what she preferred

Married life will be for me

Save for the occasional third degree

Where did I go, with whom, and why

And if I don’t answer right, she will cry

If I do wrong, she will yell herself hoarse

With threats of imminent divorce

Her mother shall come live with us

When she needs help in the art of cuss

Six children will we have with each other

All dumber than another

As for my mother

We’ll see her one-weekend midsummer

Perhaps marriage isn’t for me

I prefer to live a life free

I didn’t want a woman in my hair

Which is why I got detention for kicking her chair


  1. Purrfect! Mom laughed so hard, her tea came out her nose! Then we had to spend qo minutes sopping up the mess. ! Good thing there was no sugar or cream in it...We love it when that happens! You guys ROCK!

  2. That poem was cute when it started...but then!! BOL, BOL!!

  3. That is just hilarious. Gail also has the tea coming out of her nose thing!

  4. maaan I can see that with my minds eye... that is the poetry we LOVE!!! yeah!

  5. OMG, this is just too funny☺

  6. Awesome! This is exactly why I'm single. Of course I'm not allowed to go outside to meet mancats, but still... loved this! Purrs, Dori

  7. What a great poem! The surprise ending cracked us up.

  8. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL done Tim was definitely in awe of the girl

    Hugs cecilia

  9. LOL! For some reason, after reading your poem this song popped into my head:
    (Breakfast Blues by Trout Fishing in America)

  10. Your poems are always fun and that was a good one!


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