Thursday, February 2, 2023

Poetry Thursday




It's Pretty Poetry Thursday

Here is the inspiration provided for us by Angel Sammy and Teddy

Here is our offering

Harry said to me, honey, we have to get away from it all

To get into nature and answer its call

He told me he knew of a particular place

Where there would be wide open space

He bought a tent from LL Bean

And took me to a place seldom seen

I took him half the night to set up the tent

When completed, half the poles were bent

He told me to get some sleep 

And not to be bothered by the birds who went beep beep

I woke up at the crack of dawn

To find it crowded on our lawn

Harry came out looking confused

And was not amused

Then I saw a sign that explained why we didn’t get out wish

We planted our tent in the middle of a concert by Phish. 


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