Sunday, February 19, 2023

The Ruby Rose Report: Snuffle Mat


In response to my Wordless Wednesday photo, many of you said you weren't sure what I was lying upon.

It was a Snuffle Mat.

An entire mat made of snuffle.

It is also an extraordinary snuggle mat because treats appear magically down the bottom.

My parents like to have a snack a couple of hours after eating. Like all types of coupling humans attempt to do at night, we dogs do not allow it. Going back to Foley, we dogs have, when our parents are in their living room chair eating, have jumped on their chest and said: "Can I have some, can I have some, can I have some, can I have some, and when I get some, then repeat the entire exercise a minute later. 

We all had different ways of behaving during human snack time. Foley would sit on the arm of the chair and patiently wait for a bite of food (until she thought she had waited long enough, then she let out an ear-piercing yelp). Pocket was not food driven and was happy with a small plate. River needed a challenge: She had a bone stuffed with treats, a Kong, and a lick mat. 

I am between Pocket and River regarding appetite, and I never miss a meal but delicately eat, like a Florida lady at the Cracker Barrell. They started me with food stuffed in things, like Kongs and bones, but I am not food driven to the point that I will work up a pant to eat. I didn't like the lick mat, which was too much like doing the dishes. 

I have already reported about my tornado brain game, which I solved in record time. I still like to spin it around, but I can solve the tornado faster than my parents can chew, so there was the same problem.

Then, while I was eating snacks, they would throw treat for me, and I would run after them, which I loved, until, two hours later, I threw them up all over the bed (the day after sheet washing day to boot.

That is when they turned to my Snuffle Mat. They are pieces of fabric sewn into different shapes depending on the mat. Treats appear at the bottom of the mat, and a dog has to hunt them down. 

When I get tired, I lie down, and when refreshed, I wake up, and the treats are still on the mat! I have always found it complete. It's like the Hannakuh Candles, but it's a mat! And smells better.

I have heard that treats are put in the mat by parents, but that makes less sense than parents buying Christmas gifts, putting them under the tree, and pretending they are for Santa.

Some souls will believe anything.


  1. A Snuffle mat!?!? Wowzers! That sounds like fun! I wonder if they have one for cats? Or purrhaps we should get one for Cinnamon and try it...Thanks for telling me about it Ruby! You ROCK! Keep being awesome. Purrs Marv

  2. I encountered a snuffle mat in the puppy classes I attended last year. Gail says all I learned at puppy class was to get the instructor to stuff my face with sausage so I would be sick in the car on the way home.
    PS Gail is still laughing at the idea that licking the lick mat is like doing the dishes.

  3. hahaha you are fantabulous... we had such a mat too ... but it was a quicky LOL

  4. That snuffle mat sounds great! We will see if we can get our mom to make us one (or two).

  5. The Hubby thinks that 'I' should have a snuffle mat, since I can eat anything, anytime too...

  6. Oh Ruby Rose you know I'm green with envy over your beautiful furs ....well add to that streak of green over your green snuffle mat
    hugs cecilia

  7. First I've heard of this mat. How clever.

    Have a woof woof day and week, Ruby Rose. My best to your mom. ♥

  8. That looks fun and purrfect for when you have a Big Mat Attack!


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