Monday, February 27, 2023

Monday Question


 Do you ever make your parents mad?

What do you to make them mad?

How do they react when they are mad at you?

Ruby's Answer

Occassionally, they get mad at me

Usually because I don't respect personal space

I walk on top of them and I like to stand on Mommy's chest which she says hurts.

Mommy says my name in a different tone to signal her displeasure

I sit on the top of Daddy's recliner while he sit in it, and when I decide to  move I jump over his head and land on his lap like a ten pound bowling ball.

He says my name in a high squeaky tone and then groans.

He says he is going to wear a cup full time, whatever that is.





  1. Ruby, humans have some delicate parts to their bodies, that doggos should NOT jump on!
    For males, it's their laps. For females, it's their chesticles.
    Go easy on your peeps.

  2. Our parents get mad at Walter when he starts early to try to convince them to get our dinner started early...he can be a big pest with that. For Millie it's usually because she sometimes feigns deafness when she is called to come in from the back yard. We know her hearing is not failing her because, despite her advanced age, she can hear the pop of the mustard container from the other side of the house when she is upstairs (that usually means she will sample whatever cold cuts are going on the parent's lunch sandwich).

  3. How could anyone get mad at that sweet little face? :)

  4. Oh, Ruby, Mom knows the pain of one of us stepping on her chest. That one get to feel what it's like to fly through the air!
    I, Chia, do manage to make Mom mad. I got Xena down once and she started screaming and Mom turned into mama bear and my short life flashed before my eyes! And then there's the times I get too growly and ruff with Lucy...I just end up in my kennel then, no threats of death. Whew. f

  5. Very rarely and it never lasted long. Our angel Little Bit knew when we weren't happy with her and it would break her heart and then we would love on her and tell her it was okay and all was right with the world.

    Have a woof woof day and week, Ruby Rose. ♥

  6. we can bark for 87 hours without a break... they are ready for the bear garden after 5 minutes LOL

  7. Yes! If'n I jump on mine Mommy when she is sitting in the chair (it is MY polka dot chair after all) and all 13 lbs of me lands on her lap. When I give her that monthly "brest exam" she doesn't do for herself, but I say I am just gently kneading, sigh, so what if it is with claws. And when I sit on top of the same chair and comb the hairs atop her head, so what if with claws! All seem to have the same response, a very loud OOWIE JUNE. I don't care. Oh, and PeeEss, just tell Daddy if'n he wears a cup be sure it does not have hot coffee in it.

  8. When mom takes me outside, I love to pretend I see peeps walking along the street and bark bark bark at them and she gets mad when there is nobody there but I make such an issue out of it.

  9. The peeps get upset with us when we get growly with each other...but they just put us in our separate corners.
    Rosy and Sunny

  10. Boston must lie awake at night thinking of things to make Mom mad. He like to run at her like a freight train and ram his hard head into her sore knee, among other things.

  11. Our humans get mad if we poop indoors. Well, who wants to go outside in the wet snow?

  12. Our mom gets mad when we eat, uh, crap off the street because in almost always makes us sick, which is no fun for her, but hey, we enjoy it!


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