Sunday, February 12, 2023

The Ruby Rose Report: No Food From a Can


Something that all of my mom's dogs have in common is that they all like to eat. Even Pocket, who would turn her nose up at food because her belly was sour, enjoyed eating when in the mood.

When Pocket and River Song were ready to transition, they announced their attention by turning their nose at food. A bell tolled for them on that day, and no parent wanted to hear it.

When River passed, my parents began questioning the food they were feeding her. They decided to make half my food kibble mixed in brother, combined with green beans and pumpkin, and an all-natural, fresh frozen food. After investigating the different products, my parents choose Ollie.

It came in a big box, and steam came from the container because it was so cold when it was removed. When I tasted it, I let my parents know it was well worth the money.

The problem with these companies is they like to tell the consumer when they sell their product, and three months later, a massive box of food came from us from Ollie's. It contained over $200.00 worth of food I was supposed to eat in a month. Have they seen me? Where was I supposed to put it? This problem also affected my parents, who thought keeping the product cold broke our refrigerator.

Although my parents loved me, spending $200.00 a month on dog food was a little pricey for them, and that's more than their pizza budget. So they decided to use the food and try other wet foods to see if I liked them.

The problem is that you can't go back once you have the excellent stuff. I knew a couple of times a week, they substituted the expensive food for canned, but I still ate it because I am a good girl. But last week, I had to draw the line.

They bought canned food from the pet store. I can tolerate this, as long as it looks like something a human would consume, but this was one of those pates that come out of the can in a solid mass, sits in the bowl like a rock, and feels the same way in the digestive system.  

So I ate around it, but the big slab turned everything in the dish into an uneatable mess. So, I walked away with half the dinner unconsumed.

Of course, my parents freaked out. They tried to spoon-feed me, then began giving me treats to ensure I wasn't broken. It only took them two more meals before they realized I didn't want to eat that crap, which was a surprise because I eat crap.

But the crap I eat is made right here at home.

My parents are going to try to find a new frozen fresh meal for me that doesn't come like a care package to a soldier in Ukraine.

I hope they find some too.

I only have enough food through 2025.


  1. At our pet shop, there is frozen fresh food you can buy in as big or as little amount that you want...They also sell very good freeze dried food, (Stella and Chewy) that we eat every day. You can get the freeze dried stuff at chewy but not our kibble, go figure. We buy the big bag at about 80bucks, for 35 ounces, but it comes in various sizes. We love it!

    When MJF stared too get very elderly and wasn't eating too well, he wold eat those freeze dried bits with relish, so we've been using the same thing.

    We wouldn't want to eat that kind of yucky mush either...

  2. The problem of what to eat and even worse, WHERE to get it and will it be available permeates our worlds...we loved fur babies.

  3. We tried all kinds of food, including home made, for Chester when he was getting ready to make the cross. Usually he wasn't a fussy eater before that. The puppies Rosie and Baby aren't fussy at all and gobble up their kibble in one minute flat.

  4. Feeding our animpals takes up a lot of time, Ruby!
    We never know when what was the status quo suddenly isn't anymore.

  5. Lots of parents freaking out over our babies food, Ruby Rose. It's not a good thing. They had better fix this issue.

    Have a woof woof day and week. My best to your mom and scritches to you. ♥

  6. Oh Ruby Rose we all like what we like.
    Ironically Angel Madi only ate canned Pate..she did not like any what was sliced or dices.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Oh Ruby, we do hope your humans find some food that you enjoy and that doesn't break the bank or the refrigerator...

  8. Wet food really messes with our tummy, but we have found the right balance of kibble and Stella and Chewy topper that both of us like to eat.
    Rosy and Sunny

  9. I hope you find something that is yummy for you and for your parents bank balance!

  10. We feel you! Us huskies are supposed to finicky, but Rosie will eat ANYTHING! But I turn up my nose at my food quite often, which makes mom nuts as she already spends a fortune on our kibble!

    Your friend Redford


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