Friday, February 17, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Once again Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us a photo for Poetry Thursday

Here is my meager contribution 

They found Old Joe on the kitchen floor

His head caved in, it was obvious he would live no more

Next to him was his wife Millicent

Holding a rolling pin and saying she was innocent

The blood on the pin proved it was the murder weapon

Wielding it like it was a trepan

The police arrested her for murder

And to the station, they did take her

They brought her into the interrogation room

Where they let her sit and fume

Two men began to ask her questions

Not wanting to hear her “I’m innocent” suggestions

They asked her why she had the pin

And she said it wasn’t for sin

They asked him if she used it for cookies

And she said that was for rookies

They asked if she used that for pie

And she said no with a sigh

She asked why she was holding the pin

And she could only grin

The chief interrupted their interrogation

With a story that would shock the nation

It was the victim’s brother who did the deed

And after much discussion, Millicent was freed

Before she left a curious detective asked

If the pin wasn’t for breakfast

Wasn’t for cakes

Wasn’t for anything you have to bake

What do you use it for

Millicent stopped her hands on the door

And said “I will tell you, you syph'litic parasitics

It is one of my favorite aphrodisiacs.”


Poetry Thursday

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