Sunday, May 10, 2009

For our Mom

By Foley Monster:

It’s Mother’s Day, so this is for best woman in the world: My Mom. There are so many things she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know how beautiful she is, that’s why she never posts pictures of herself, which is such a shame because none of you get to bask in her beauty. She doesn’t like going on Facebook and seeing her picture, which is why my face (which I have no problem with, no one puts mirrors low enough in my house to see my beautiful face so it’s the only time I get to see what you see everyday: the glory of me.) Daddy doesn’t like to put his face online either, but that’s because he’s a grotesque loser who would make people close a window quicker than if a twister was coming.

My Mommy didn’t rescue me. I was living on a farm as happy as could be when I was a pup, but one day she came wandering into the yard and I bounced over to her and began scratching her ankles and from that minute it was love. When I was a puppy should take care of me and when she got older boy did I take care of her. She had multiple surgeries on her knees, ending with two replacements. I lay with her on the couch every day while she was stuck there, through the people who came to the house to stick her with needles, to the people who came to torture her with knee bending exercises, and walked with her when she took those painful little steps.

She was struggling from pain from all of that and then came the cancer. I didn’t like that at all. But I helped her get better from that too and now things are going on pretty well. My Mom gives me everything I could want: A warm bed to snuggle with her, a lap of kindness, wonderful food, and she makes me what I am, the most wonderful little dog in the entire world. I have so much to thank her for. Plus: as many of you know, she’s not afraid of nothing. If she thinks something is wrong she keeps fighting against those oppressing others. I am so proud of her and her causes.

She has rescued two dogs in the past, one who passed, the other we had to give up because she needed full time attention. She has held more than her share of dying puppies in her arms and they have broken her heart every time. Pocket is not a rescue because Mommy and Daddy wanted a break with an easier dog. HAH! Did that not work out. But Mommy still loves Pocket even when she’s saying Pocket don’t do this, Pocket don’t do thing, oh good God Pocket don’t do that.

The past two weekends she’s watched her son, who she loves almost as much as me, and who got married three weeks ago, picking up more and more of his things, and while she is happy for his new life, again, her heart breaks a little with each item removed, with each time she walks down stairs as the room becomes emptier. So that’s why I had my Dad write this tonight, even though he said “Foley, the Sox, the Celts and the Bruins are all playing tonight.” I bit him on the thumb and made him do it.

So this is for you Mom, it’s over due, and, I’m just gonna, come right out and say it, but if your want it to be a sad blog, well I ain’t gonna write it.

Pocket and I love you, we wouldn’t have another Mom for all the kibble in China. And in those days when you feel that nobody appreciates were look into our bright baby browns and know we see the most wonderful woman in the world….of course all us puppies do.


  1. This is incredibly beautiful and made my mommy's eyes leak. We are so proud of your mommy and her fearlessness and causes. That is a special quality. Our daddy had cancer too so we understand how tough that disease is and we so admire your mommy and your entire family for fighting through this. It's so tough at times. We love all of you very much.

    P.S. Go Magic and Rays...we live in Florida..what do you expect!

  2. Oh Foley, I feel like I know your Mom just by the words she write through you. We all feel her spirit and it's one that can't be ignored. But you know, no offense to Dads, they are great, but Moms are the strong ones. They just slug along, pick up our poo (right Pocket??) Keep us all in line. Love us when we are unloveable, give us the last potato chip in the bag, and give us another chance and rescue us when someone wants to shoot us cause they think WE KILLED THEIR DAMN CHICKENS.. BUT IT WAS THE RACOONS.. sorry, I get kind of passionate when I talk about Moms. We are the luckiest puppies in the world, right Pocket and Foley? Thanks for this post.

  3. A very touching tribute laced with lots and lots of love for a beautiful, strong, loving, fearless, empathetic, hysterically funny woman whose face we shall never see. We're so sorry for your trial and tributes but happy to see you are still here to spread joy amongst us all. I had to say goodbye x3 but you try to raise the kiddies to be self sufficient and independent and then you miss them as you wave goodbye with pride. Happy Mother's Day to your Momsie, Foley and Pocket.

  4. This is a touching mom can so relate to the son leaving....her son is 13 now and she knows she's going to go into life withdrawals when he moves out for whatever reason. Kisses to your mom for being a cancer survivor!!

  5. What a great blog this is! All paws up for your mama an daddy! hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day. IT rained here but we got in a lot of naps today with mama. Staying strong at the broken places is the key my mama says. Wish you a great new week ahead. An we know how it feels letting a child go mamas only daughter lives over 700 miles away from here an we dont see her very often an makes her sad especially during any holiday! LuVS from the Bama Bunch for you an the family♥

  6. This is a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing your tribute to mom with us! You two are very blessed to have a pawesome mom. Lhasa love to all of you!

  7. we love your tribute to your Mom. We can somewhat relate......except to the cancer thing...... Mom didn't rescue us either. We rescue her about daily......and we love her like you love your mom. Love you all and your Mom and your Dad.......who had the guts to post this about your Mom for you, even though you had to bite his thumb to get him to do it....

  8. Foley, that's such a wonderful tribute to your mom. But now that we know she misses her son, we have a 13-year-old brother she can have for free. In fact, he's on a bus heading your way now...


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