Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Home

Hi all you good little pups and lollipops. It's your two favorite troublesome little Yorkies, Foley Monster and Pocket. We are refugees from a place we will call Cyberland. It was ruled by an evil, illiterate Princess. This Princess pretended the land was safe for pups and lollipops but she lied. Princess protected the evil saints, the rude byeatches, the hurtful ankle biters, and banished those lollipops and pups who complained. The final straw for Pocket and I was the banishment of our friend Tanner. You see, beautiful Tanner, he was very sick with cancer and had not been given much time. His owner, a wonderful woman, was getting support from all the good pups and lollipops but she spoke out against the evil Saint and was banished to the dark woods to stay cold and isolated until Tanner passed to the Rainbow Bridge. Pocket and I sent this very nice missive to the evil Princess:

-->I know Tanner's Mom made at least one really bad mistake. She left a comment on my journal last night when she named a former (redacted) member's owner. She knew it was wrong right away and sent me a message to delete it, but I didn't until morning. I am asking you to reconsider that Tanner be allowed back on because he's dying. His owner needs his friends at this time. Once he passes, if you don't want to allow the owner on again, fair enough. I understand how hard it is to administer this. It was a serious mistake to name names, but I think it's also important to support her, maybe her grief made her type something she shouldn't have. Thank you for your consideration"
The evil illiterate Princess answered thusly:
“As you know the rules are laid out clear, and we can not allow this bickering to continue, nor slander. It may be unforchunit for her personaly, however she knew she should not have done that before she even posted it, and we can not make exceptions in this case due to the size of the event. Dont expect it to be the last eather, the entire admin/support team are hunting down anyone that was part of the event on bothsides as its a clear break of the community rules. Its sad to see so many adults act like children.
And then the Princess slammed the door on poor Tanner so filled up with cancer. Or, as Princess would decry, she slumed th dur on purr Tuner. At which point Pocket and I, raised to right the wrongs in the world, began using e-mail to contact other members telling them what happened and for that we were banished from Cyberland for two weeks. Princess banished us with these words: "
-->Your are temporarily suspended from (redacted)until May 15 because of Attempting to create hostility among other members on (redacted) by bringing a past issue that you where told to let go for the better of the community. (See community guidelines). Next strike will result in a full ban on account."
An education is a terrible thing to waste.

So, our profiles will stay up in Cyberland maybe for a little bit but then be gone. You can find us here. It is easy to post comments here, but you do need a g-mail account, which is free and easy to get, and you can use a completely different e-mail address so the Princess of Cyberland can't banish you. Or you can e-mail us at We'll be watching over all of you, and we'll be putting our two cents in here, free of Princess' rule.

Oh, and one more thing: For Tanner, for Hattie Mae, for all the other members of the Resistance out there, in the spirit of how us lollipops and pups play and nip: Hey Princess: Bite me!


  1. And we will always have this:

  2. We will be in touch and follow you. Here's Baarney's blog: We love you guys and you are the best. Keep up the good work.

  3. Welcome to your new home Foley and Pockie! I am sure this will be a friendlier place where you can launch your adventures. I will write more at a later time. I just think all of the circumstances that have transpired have been most unforchunit.

  4. Totally pawsome!! and once we figure this out we'll give you the webpage!! Duke and the pack!

  5. OMD FM, Pocket and Peeps! That was the most entertaing, well-written blog post I've read in years. Thanks for inviting me to your community and
    Vive La Resistance!

  6. Yea! Glad to see people coming over here. We were glad to hear that there was going to be a safe place to continue talkin with some of our favorite pups from DS!!

  7. Oh, Foley Monster, thank dog you have started this blog! I'll be on here several times a day (if, at all, posssible). In a way, this will be so much better than DS because it's not so overwhelming. Thanks so much for letting us know that you have done this. Your friends, Vicki & Blazer

  8. I hate that the queen that wants to be, is being a female dog in heat. However, I don't know if you know that She is the owner of the site. We don't want to leave, we don't want to stay.....where oh where will we find a way?????

  9. Hi Everyone!! Just so everyone knows who is who, please make sure you included your name (first name OK, but your dog's name is the only way we have of identifying you. Just FYI. Thanks, Blazer & Mom (Vicki)

  10. The Trouble from Tempe are here. Barge and Lisa.

  11. Has any body talked to Tanner?? How is he doing?? We sent him a card to say we were thinking about him.

  12. Here's our blog site...Hang in there sweet girls!! Duke and Pack

  13. I am here!!! Great job, Foley & Pocket. It's still okay to post on your actual DS profile. Big fat hairy deal... Anyway, I don't think people will be sticking around the Princeass clones and their way of running things. Oh, yeah. I brought my mom/secretary/buyer-of-all -things cookie "Camille" with me. Bark at y'all later! Lhasa love!

  14. OMD my mama finally figured this out. Her brain may explode she says from trying to find everypawdy everywhere an all the new things again haha! Paws up for you 2 we think YOU ROCK!! Love this page also ;) The Bama Bunch♥

  15. When I first learned of this forum through DoggySpace friends, I swore I was not going to involve myself in any way, shape or form with any kind of internet interactions. However, I am here to simply set a few things straight.

    First and foremost allow me to say that we left DoggySpace simply because we were no longer enjoying the experience. DoggySpace was taking on an entirely different atmosphere from that which we encountered at the beginning of our membership in August, 2008. Certain events and changes in the prior months, while for the most part were easily ignored, became too close for comfort.

    I understand that when you gather individuals in a common area there are going to be differences of opinions, values and standards. We had never taken any sides when things of that nature took place. Rather I feel that Hattie Mae always remained pleasant, generous and genuine. Apparently someone didn’t like those characteristics about her. I cannot say who, simply because I don’t know who. Hattie has not, nor will not, point a pink toe any anyone without solid proof.

    Many of you have contacted Hattie personally and many have been filling us in on the events taking place on DS. We have not visited DS since our departure.

    We most certainly did not expect, or intend, the resulting outpouring of emotional comments, journals, etc. that apparently followed our departure. The Journal that ‘Princess ‘ wrote, while not naming names, clearly was intended to put Hattie in a bad light.


    We did however, suggest that DoggySpace try to rein in some of the misuse, i.e.: fake profiles, use of profanity, harassment, etc. and perhaps reevaluate their codes of conduct. For the sole purpose of maintaining the integrity of the original premise of DoggySpace….that being a “family friendly” website.

    It is my belief that the owner(s) of DS was concerned that potential new members would see the upsets and decide not to join, or that perhaps they were worried they were going to lose advertisers as a result. They posted that journal as a means of hoping to squash all of the negative reactions. Hattie Mae was, in my eyes, the sacrificial lamb. After all, they had nothing to lose. It was simply a business move on their part. But their recent bannings, journal and/ or comment deletions, and deleting good members is beyond my comprehension. It’s a shame, simply a shame.

    I’d like to thank everyone who had sincerely shown their support. We do know who our true friends were/are on DoggySpace. We have learned a valuable lesson in regards to HUMAN nature. I have also learned that there is a life after DoggySpace.

    Thank you for allowing me to have my say. Best of luck to all of you…and as Hattie would say. BE GOOD TO YOU.

  16. Thank you, Darla. Shana and I have also been members since August 2006 and we've seen the same comings and goings. We're so sorry that Hattie was made the scapegoat and we really appreciate your EXCELLENT attitude. We believe that everything is for a reason and you have done us, personally, a lot of good with your post. There is life after DS and more importantly, that life is what you make of it. What an excellent example you have been.

  17. We all joined about the same day, around August 6. It's so unfathomable that a moderator/owner would not listen to/try to protect one of its core backbone, instead just throwing them (sorry) to the dogs. The good news is that we can always find another gathering place. Furiendships have definitely been forged despite the "unforchunit" circumstances. Please give Hattie, Fella and Smartie Lhasa love from us...

  18. Hi Foley we love you guys and are glad we can follow your blog. We also have a blog and like others we are not really enjoying DS anymore due to all of our best friends being deleted.
    Luv you guys!
    Duke, Anika-Belle, Ajax, Evie and Lil Girl

  19. Chase and Gucci are proud to follow Foley and Pocket anywhere and love to see the rest of you here and blogging too. Thanks Foley pawrents for realizing you weren't alone out there in DS cyberspace. We were only members for about 4 months but quickly made some great, funny friends and we didn't want to leave them behind, but I was getting depressed instead of happy every time I booted that site up.

  20. We forgot to tell you to Come join our Blog -

    Duke and his pack & Mom Dana

  21. It just isn't the same without you guys. I miss everyone terribly.....I made a bunch of friends when I came to DS. And needed those friends then, and still do now. And to think that the "ESTABLISHMENT" is so harsh, is so UNAMERICAN. And that we need to have a "resistance".......what a shame. One would think that the Establishment should listen to the profiles on their pages. But they really dont give a rats butt.....and I see what you are saying. I still want and need those friends where do I go to find that sort of stuff now????? I am so confused......and I miss you all so much....sigh......

  22. I must say that I am very disappointed and depressed about what has happened to DS. I too joined in August of 08 and in the beginning it was so much fun. Even though I am still on DS (dont know for how much longer) I am sad that Tanner was booted off and I miss Hattie Mae's beautiful outfits and her beautiful face. "Sniff, Sniff"

  23. we can be a cannine secret society and have special bark codes. Maybe like the K-9GB. Maybe this is really what CIA stands for??? Cannine Intelligence Agency.

  24. Excuse me i have made a horrible fiur paw... The terrible Tempe Trio is here, Lisa, Barge and Dulce!

  25. Foley and Pocket, we finally figured out how to "get with the program" here so you'll be hearing from us! We agree with not liking the changes in Cyberland. We joined the middle of July when less than 200 were already there. All the little shortcuts weren't in place but you felt like you KNEW everyone by going back and forth between everyone's comments!! L, L, and L and their momma

  26. Foley and Pocket - glad to see you're both alive and well. Got the link from Teddy and am so glad to finally figure out what's been going on over on the other side. Lots of pups looking for ya, me included!

  27. So glad to hear from Darla, and everyone else. The site just seemed to have exploded in new users, new themes, just too much to keep up on, so it lost its luster for us, too. And when it lost Tanner and Cocoa, that was just the worst. I've been in contact with their mom Trudee and she may rejoin Facebook, where a lot of us are gathering and creating Dogbook profiles for the pups.

    Thank you, Foley and Pocket for blogging and letting us know the truth of the Man Behind the Curtain. Of course, he will probably be reading all blogs but at least he can't delete them.

    Reba, Dodger and Mom Wendy

  28. Well Darla, the cat drug this mangy old Florida dog over here too. I'm sorta incognito cause I don't want that old princess biting me yet.
    Sure glad to find you and a lot of my lost friends here.


    If anyone wants to check this one out we just joined this new group. from Lance.

  30. Libby joined! and we started a duscussion forum...

    here's what mom had to say (via copy+paste cuz she=lazy!)

    The site is fairly self explanitory. You have to verify your registration via a link they will send to your email, and then the site has a tendancy to be "wonkey" so you may have to sign in more than once...:

    go to and you will see a link to become a "registered user", so register, then verify your registration via a link they will send you to your email. Then read some of the stuff posted there.

    It is NOT a publicly listed forum. I made it because I saw that many at DS needed and wanted to talk about friends who had left, and at my forum, you can. My “community guidelines” are much more flexible than DS’s.

    So come on over if you want to, it’s NOT meant to REPLACE DS, just meant for people or pets to go and be themselves, and maybe gripe a little about the shenanigans currently going on at DS.

    And hopefully this doesn’t get me kicked off of DS…



  31. Hi Foley and Pocket - I'm so glad I found you and so many of my DS friends here. I've been really sad to see so many of my good friends leave DS but now I understand more as to what's been happening. I'm still on DS but Mom has told me to keep a low profile whatever that means. Love you guys, hugs, MacDougal


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