Monday, May 11, 2009

McGyver's Fowl Language; Prayer Chain; How we're making Daddy like Ty Murray and Today's Walk

By Pocket

A dog I didn’t know very well, McGyver, got banished from Cyberland today, or taken behind the bushes by Princess’ firing squad and shot. I read a journal he wrote over the weekend and oh my! He used words we definitely don’t use in the bible. But I don’t know why he was eliminated. He didn’t use fowl language. It’s not like he said flamingo. Or feasent.
One of the things I most miss since being banished from Cyberland is the Puppy Prayer Chain presided over by the Minister of Love Fonzie Tuxedo. Now I find myself worried about the chain. You can only ask for prayer if you do so from the Prayer Chain page, and unless you get a blood test, certification of kennel cough vaccination, two forms of accepted ID and are directly related to one of Kevin Bacon’s dogs, you can’t comment on it. But Foley and I, having been merely banished, can comment on everyone’s posting: see no membership has its privileges. So we’d like to say: our thoughts and prayers are with Simba, may you get healthy and marry Morgan because that pup could use a decent break; we have our paws pointed upwards for Meeka’s human brother who has been made very sick from complications from the flu, and we still send our deepest sympathies on the loss of his Dad, such a sad time for poor Meeka; we’ll be praying for Sandy’s brother Bo to make it through surgery safely; and for Judy and her dog Hollie who broke her heart when she had to go to the bridge. Safe passage to the bridge my friend, and no matter where we are we will always be sending healing energy to those left behind like Hollie’s poor Mom. I hope people are still able to post and respond on the Chain page because I know the kind words on it have helped pup parents immensely.
Foley and I are turning our poor Daddy into a cross between a Vulcan and that robot cowboy on Dancing with the Stars. Last night the Celtics and Bruins were playing off and the Red Sox were on. Foley and I will not tolerate any loud noise and when he jumps or yells we give him the dirtiest look and slowly growl. When Big Baby hit the winning shot for the Celtics last night the most emotion he could show was raising a fist in the air like an old man with a cramp in his hand signaling a waiter so he can send back soup in a deli.
I went for a walk today. It was at a schoolyard after school hours. We went by this playground where there were a bunch of little kids behind a fence. They must have been locked up for some reason. Probably didn’t clap the erasers correctly. That’s what they lock you up for in school, not clapping the erasers properly. Foley went right over to the fence and the little children put their stubby little fingers through the holes in the fence and began to scratch her. But I kept running up to the fence and when the kids reached for me I ran away. The warden then called the children back over and Daddy continued on his walk with us. Daddy called me a walk tease. I don’t know what that means.


  1. I know I miss the prayer chain too. Good old Rev F Tuxedo!
    Hey, my daughter was sitting 2 rows behind the Celtics bench, and she is a Magic fan. Long story how she got the tickets but she was there to see the amazing Big Baby shot! she sent mw a pic from her cell phone of the backs of the players where she was sitting, and boy! I could see who had moles, and who had chicken pox scars, she was that close! I was watching on tv and they zoomed in on her and I could even she the chewing gum in her mouth. It was a thrill for me and Zoe. Zoe looked up from her dingo,blinked, and returned to sniffing it and chewing it.

  2. OMD I am glad I wasn't eating or drinking anything..But slobber is on the's computer screen is gonna need a good ShamWow!......wait!!! We have one.....SHAMWOW!!!! COME HERE AND DRY THE SCREEN FOR GAMA......K?? ................(waiting)...........OMD she made it to go before mom gets back and see's what we've done to her screen!! Duke and pack!

  3. WE love MacGyver...hope he makes his way over to DoggieWeb.

  4. We love you guys BUT mommy uttered some bad words, not as bad as MacGyver, when Big Baby hit that shot. We looked at her and barked our disapproval. Then turned to the TV and barked at Big Baby. We should have bit him before he released the ball.


    Hi Every paw, there is a new petition for KARLEY, the really evil monster that murdered her is going to trial! The judge saw enought evidence and he will be tried and (convicted) This petition is asking for the maximum sentance when he is found guilty.
    Please spread the word!

  6. Woot! Thanks for the info, Asil! Hooray for getting that blankety-blank so-and-so to trial!

    Oh, Pocket, what a day and commentary! Hmmm... maybe someone who snoops on Cyberland could copy and paste the prayer list onto DoggieWeb? Just a thought... :)

  7. That is definitely a posibility I would think.........Hmmmmmmmm


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