Sunday, May 17, 2009

A special Saturday with my big little niece Mia

By Foley:

Oh my gosh, yesterday was such a day. I was ready for the usual Saturday of getting a bath, slipping under my blanket while Mommy and Daddy went out, then getting as much lap time as I could. Well, after my bath, I started getting the snorts, and had them for like 20 minutes. I knew I upset Mommy and Daddy but the spray Mommy put on me so I’m soft and smell good got all in my nose. I did get a lot of good petting and loving though.

But after that I just wasn’t hungry. Mommy and Daddy hate when I don’t eat. I turned down my kibble and turkey so Mommy replaced it with fresh chicken but I just nosed it around the plate. Then Daddy got down on his hands and knees and tried to feed me by hand. I took it in my mouth, chewed it then spit it out. I was wondering if I could make them do handstands and sing Gregorian Chants in their efforts to feed me but they finally caved and I stood triumphant: Malnourished but triumphant.

Then guess what? Instead of leaving, they got the leashes and took Pocket and me with them. Was it Groomer day? Walk time? We were in the car for a half hour then got out and there was our new sister in law Lisa and my puppy niece Mia. I have seen Mia but never got to sniff her. She’s a big dog. Heffalump huge.

We met in the yard. I walked over to her, looked up and said “Hey Mia, whatcha’ doin?” and Mia said “fixin’ to take a dump.” And then she did. It was bigger than me. Pocket was running back and forth barking her head off and we just ignored her. Mia and I did some sniffing and it was very enjoyable. For a big dog she was really quite sweet.

We walked into their house while Daddy desperately tried to get Pocket to pee. I had wondered what happened to my brother. They have a wonderful place, although they’re kind of sticklers about dogs on the couch. Poor Mia. Then again, she is bigger than the couch.

Oh, we had a wonderful time. We saw the wedding on the TV. We had a cook out. Mia is a wonderful addition to the family, sweet, kind, beautiful, with brown soulful eyes. She’s the biggest dog I’ve ever been friends with and I’m so happy for it.

She told me she’s a little confused, she just moved into her house last week and it has previous dog smells and she keeps trying to find that dog. There are stairs in the house and she’s had several knee surgeries so it hurts to go up and down, but it’s getting better. Plus when she stands at the top of the stairs and looks down it’s scary. And her Daddy’s only been living with them a month and there’s been lots of changes. But she loves her Mommy and Daddy, even if they are overprotective of her, and she’s getting happier and more content each day. The most important thing is how much love she has, that’s all us dogs want anyhow.

When we left we went to Target. Mommy went shopping, Daddy stayed in the car, and Pocket and I barked at everything that moved. They make all those windows in cars so puppies can see everything around them. Then we went to Pet Smart. People kept coming up to us, petting us, talking about how soft our fur was, and I loved the attention.

Then we came home, I had a big supper, and went for a long sleep. Meeting new family members is wonderful, but tiring.


  1. Hey, Foley! So ignoring Pocket... how did that work out later in the day for you? I've always felt that if you ignore the problem it will go away... so I was just checking to see if that theory could be de-bunked. Sounds like all you girls had a really nice time! What kind of dog is Mia (besides "big")? Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! Lhasa love!

  2. Car rides are the best and it doesn't even matter where you end up. right?

  3. Tommy Tunes, I see Tommy Tunes, Hello Tommy!


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