Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Unloved and Alone Moxie Takes Matters Into Her Own Paws


Dear Sweet Mommy:  Humans always think that they are the ones who pick out their pets, but as you know, between dream visits, prayers, and old-fashioned persuasion, we choose you.  Sometimes, when we don't have access to dreams or a way to get to your subconscious, we have to hunt ourselves down.

One of those dogs is a Yorkie/Shiz Tzu from Spain named Moxie.  Before he picked his new parents, he needed permission to leave his old ones.

Dogs take an oath to look after their families for life, but people also take wedding vows, which they often break, sometimes before the end of the reception.  Moxie had picked out a quiet man who lived in the country as his dad.  It was a wise choice, but after two years, the man's heartbeats ran out, and the man's brother, who viewed dogs as workers, and gave Moxie the job of clearing rats from the barn.  It was not a life Moxie enjoyed.  

Moxie sent a prayer asking that he be allowed to leave the man, who did not care for him, and there was no bond between them.   Never before had a dog asked to divorce his parents.  It was sacrilege.  But, I still wanted to hear the case, so I had it assigned to my courtroom.

Moxie gave a brilliant summation of how he only came by his current keeper by luck, and he had taken no oath to serve him.  Because of this, he should be set free to find parents who would appreciate him and treat him properly.

The Powers That Be's attorney, a  pompous Great Dane, could only debate that thousands of dogs would want the same if I allowed Moxie to be free. It was not an argument I found persuasive, but I also didn't want to make a ruling that separated people from dogs.  

I took a nap, then made my decision.  Moxie was not bound to his keeper.  There is no need for a dog to stay in a neglectful situation.  But, once Moxie is free, he will be on his own to find a new family.  Moxie agreed, and the case was done.  Of course, I could not let it go.  

The day he ran off from the barn, I floated down to see him. He was gleefully walking down the street.  I asked him what the plan was. "I will know my people when I see them," he said confidently.  "Then I will introduce myself, and we will become a family."

Before telling him that I didn't think the plan, he yelled, "There they are!"  A white Volvo with a man and a woman had driven past.  You could barely see them through the window, but Moxie had decided they would be fine parents.  I sadly watched him running up the road barking.  The car was getting further away, as was Moxie's hope of quickly finding a family.

Suddenly, it slowed down, and to my amazement, backed up.  The woman got out of the car, and brazen Moxie jumped right in her arms.  She was carried for a few minutes while they tried to find an owner, but of course, they couldn't. They put Moxie in the car, and they drove away.

I went into Moxie's dreams that night.  He said that his new family had tried to find their owner and fell in love with him in the process.  They decided to keep him.   Now Moxie was resting easy because he had picked out his forever parents and found his home.

Moxie has opened up a new way for dogs to escape abusive homes and find the right parents.  She changed the game for all of us.  I am just glad I could help.  


  1. thanks for your help for Moxie...and we hope that all dogs know that changes to da good is possible... and that angels will help them...

  2. We too are glad you could help dear little Moxie. Such a wise judgement.

  3. Well done, Moxie. You're smart.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  4. Moxie you are just so's too many many happy days filled with TLC
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Moxie is a real hero and a loved one now too!

  6. Moxie ROCKS! Thanks for the wonderful story! We are on team Moxie!


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