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My orange ball has passed away

By Pocket

My original orange ball died today. Daddy was throwing it to me. It was almost totally split down the middle, one side had all the orange covering gone, the other only had a small strip of orange going across it, making it look like an old man attempting to pull off a comb over on top of his shrunken skull. Daddy threw it, it skittered across the floor, no longer even bouncing. I picked it up, rushed back to Daddy, and he went to take it, but I held on, and pop, it broke in two. And there wasn’t a danm thing in there. Great! Then Daddy walked over to the trash, opened it, and dropped it, leaving my best friend, my orange ball, in the trash. I followed Daddy back to the living room. He sat on the floor. I looked up at him. “Where’s my orange ball?” I asked and began to look all over for it. I’m not sure if I’m going to find it. I think something happened to it. Oh well, let’s nap.


  1. Oh, Pocket, I'm so sorry about the original Orange Ball. (The comb-over got me--was the ball named Donald Trump?) We'll help you look for it! Balls just don't go missing...

  2. Pocket, I know the feeling!!!! Just lost my blue ball in much the same way. BUT after over a week I got a new blue ball-cept it's a red and white soccer ball. But I like it. There were no orange ones. Sorry. Lautrec

  3. Pocket.....that's why we love you!! Keep looking for your orange ball it's gotta show up somewhere...

  4. Awww I am so sorry your orange ball passed away today. I would have loved to have seen the look on your face when it popped. Smoochies to you.

  5. I am so so sorry Pocket, would you like my Mom to immortalize your orange ball in a portrait??? send her a pic. The orange combover would make orange ball look a bit Donald Trump-ish.

  6. we are sorry about the ball too, maybe when they take out the trash you can find it again? BOL! My mom is always getting on my case when I rescue dead toys out of the trash, but what can I say? They were MY toys after all weren't they????? Or just give them that look.......and maybe they will give you another ball??????

  7. RIP Orange Ball. You were a good ball. A fun ball. An orange ball. You don't think that Daddy *hurt* the orange ball to get out of throwing it - DO YOU?!

  8. Pocket, my green ball is about to come to the same unhappy ending. I hope you get a new ball today. In fact, your dad is the one that destroyed it, so you should DEMAND a new ball. -Whiskey


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