Friday, July 23, 2021

Bullett and Bolt Find the Perect Dog to Rebuild Their Mom's Heart


Bullett and Bolt were two happy chocolate labs living an idyllic life with their childless parents, who treated them like they were kids.  Sadly, the lions came for them both, inflicting the two dogs with cancer and snatching them from their beloved parents.    Bullett and Bolt knew that their parents could not exist without a dog, and they immediately began searching for a replacement, but none of the applicants were suitable for their parents’ needs.   Also, they were so broken-hearted; anytime the angels tried to broach the subject in their parents’ dreams, their subconscious blocked the word dog, making their efforts futile.

Instead of being discouraged, Bullett and Bolt saw it as an opportunity to find the perfect pup.  They slowly and methodically interviewed pups with no luck.  They did not know the right candidate was not yet in the shelter.

Meanwhile, Floyd, a two-and-a-half-year-old Great Dane, born in a shelter, then adopted, was returned when his family could no longer care for him.  For six months, Floyd was a sad pup, with little hope of a family, until one night, Bullet and Bolt interviewed him in his dreams.  Floyd presented himself as a well-trained, intelligent, loving, and protective dog. Personality-wise the angels thought they were looking in a mirror.  Bolt said they would tell their parents they found the perfect dog, but they didn’t know if their words would penetrate the wall their parents had built around their subconscious.

Neither of their parents mentioned that they thought they were ready for a dog, not wanting to reopen a wound.  But, both had pups on their mind, and they were susceptible to dog-related suggestions.  

First, they dream suggested to Floyd’s caretakers that they do a Facebook post relating the dog’s story.  When the people arrived at work the next day, it was the first task they completed.

Floyd’s availability now easily verified, as was the information about adopting him; Bullett and Bolt entered their parent’s dreams and continuously told them about Floyd.  They did so all night, like furious telegraph operators on the Titanic who kept sending an SOS hoping someone heard it.

The angel duo was lying on the kitchen ceiling the next morning when their parents met at breakfast and simultaneously remarked that maybe it was time for a new dog.  The mom, who was always the more attentive, said she would poke around the Internet to see if any dog was available.  They agreed they were no in a rush.

But, when the mom saw Floyd, she knew she had to make him part of the family. She called the shelter, and both she and the woman who answered the phone were thrilled to learn he was available, and she was interested.   

That afternoon the couple who were not in a hurry rushed to the shelter and, just as Bullett and Bolt knew they would, fell in love with the rescue and brought him home.   

They were warned of Floyd’s quirks:  He did not like children, cars, things with wheels, and he needed a cytopoint injection every month to support his immune system.  None of that bothered his new parents.

Today Floyd is getting daily walks, new toys and has run of the house.  Most of all, he is succeeding at the job Bullett and Bolt needed him to do. He is rebuilding his parent’s hearts, and the two angels will be forever in his debt.  


  1. In my very humble opinion...animals have a magical way of knowing exactly what their humans need and when. It is a true gift. When I need to comfort someone, I try to think about what would comfort me. I come up with step in quietly do was needs to be down w/o questions. Kinda like walking in on itty bitty kitty paws silently.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. We are so happy for Floyd and the entire family!!!

  3. Floyd is with the family he meant to have, how wonderful a story!


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