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Monday Queston


What is the worst thing you have done when left alone?


  1. Pocket: I am usually in my crate but I have pooped and rolled around in it

    River: I ripped the blinds from the kitchen window

  2. we did nothing while being alone... that sounds totally odd .... we have to make amends, right?

  3. Gail has always held it against me that when a puppy I chewed a hole in her favourite cashmere sweater...

  4. I am always good, very very good when left alone. (PS confessions are made on Fridays, I have a few days left before receiving penance for lack of truth telling)

  5. Lucy: I drew the short straw on this one, so I have to tell. Ella and I chewed up the back of one of the couch cushions. I still don't know what got into us. It sure wasn't tequila. Mom remembers this every day when she sits down on the sheet that covers the couch, now.

  6. Celestial Chuck would chew on anything stringy, and he ate a complete cat toy made of rope one night when we humans were asleep.
    Luckily, he didn't need surgery to pass it, but he never really recovered from that.
    The thing with cat's tongues, is that there a little barbs that go one way, so when a cat starts to eat something, they cannot spit it back out and must keep eating until it's gone.

  7. I can't think of a thing, I'm always good!

  8. Chester doesn't like being left alone, but has never destroyed anything.

  9. eye chewed de knob ta de stove, sew it waz all most ta ON.... knead lezz ta say de stovez been unplugged; eye haza thing for all stuff...electric ~~~~ tuna ♥♥

  10. Dug under the fence in the backyard and was laying in the front yard when we returned from shopping. So proud she was too. According to the neighbors she just staying in the shade and waited for us to return home.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  11. We are surprisingly well behaved when left alone...aside from the occasional "accident". But we haven't even done that in a while!
    Rosy and the Gang

  12. I, Mackey,have never gotten into much when the peeps leave but I do sing loudly all the time they're gone. Big Tsar was a bad boy when he was a puppy and ate the sofa and chewed a big hole in the carpet. He and Mom worked it out and he turned into a good boy.


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