Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Bouncing with Bertie at the Bridge


When Bertie learned that he had issues with his bladder that constituted an impending trip to the Bridge, he vowed to fight to the last ounce of his soul.

The doctor told his mom that Bertie's song was almost over, and the final notes were sounding from a bagpipe over the dell. But Bertie came from hard Scottish stock and was not passing over without a fight.

Peeing is something everyone takes for granted until they can't do it. We all know how uncomfortable the feeling of having to urinate is, and the more it builds, the worst it gets. That is why urinating is such a relief, but imagine having that pressure and not being able to go? Something like that will make a soul want to end the pain by departing for the Bridge.

But Bertie, who felt like he had a full bladder all the time, and had to fight and strain to relieve himself, didn't mind the pain, as long as he could keep hiking the Scottish coastline with his beloved mom. She noticed her little man straining, and it broke her heart, but Bertie was like a baby pup ready to go when he finished. During meals, he ate like a pup too.  

Bertie was long overdue for the Bridge, but we angels, who cherished him, buried the evidence of his delay. When it became apparent to the Powers That Be that he was missing, they decided to give the poor boy even more to deal with. No one had pushed the car further past E than Bertie, and now he was getting into engine trouble.  

His mom and humans noticed that he was staring into space and was not always aware of his surroundings. They also knew the problem was getting worse. Each day was his best because it was worse than yesterday and better than his dwindling tomorrows. His mom decided to end his suffering, ease her pain, take it on herself.

Bertie crossed over walking, and, after a brief stop to get sworn in, he continued, heading into the hills by the river, familiar territory for the little pup. He was never happier than when he was on a walk, and there is undoubtedly the land to do it at the Bridge. It wasn't until a couple of days of doing so that I saw him flying back home as a ghost.

Bertie is a terrific dog, and his mom feels his loss with every breath. She walks alone now, and she often thinks she can almost see Gertie running ahead of her. It is because he is there, forever going on walks with her. Sometimes, if the sun is right, she can ever see the grass part in a way it shouldn't, or a stray shadow, and should know it would take more than Bertie's soul passing to the Bridge to make him stop walking with her.


  1. This story tugs on one's heartstrings. I didn't know Bertie before but feel like I know a little part of him now. Condolences to his Mom and all of his friends, including you.

  2. we hope once all the places they visited together, will bring a smile to to his mama once and even when we smile with tears... it is a smile...

  3. What a lovely tribute to our dear friend, Bertie. We will miss hearing about his Scottish adventures but are comforted to know he is no longer in pain.

  4. I love the telling here of Bertie's passing over and the comments. XX

  5. What a lovely tribute to the passing of our Bouncing Bertie the WFT. He lived his best life with Gail and OMDs the places he
    visited in the furs.
    Hugs and until we meet again Bertie

  6. Thank you so much for this lovely, touching and creative tribute to my beloved Bertie. One might have thought you had actually met him in the flesh.
    I have been quite overwhelmed by all the kind messages from his blogging pals.
    Gail xx.

  7. No doubt in my mind that Bertie will be the Leader of the hiking group at the Bridge.

    Be well up there Bertie. Give my girls a hug.

  8. That's a great tribute to good little Bertie. Sorry for his family's loss.

  9. I didn't know Bertie before either but I do know what a special Angel he is.

  10. What a wonderful tribute! Sweet Sir Bertie was such a bright light.

  11. Bertie was a wonderful pup who shared his adventures with so many of us, and we are very grateful.


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