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 A lone flower still blossoms for... - Flowers my Inspiration | Facebook

: A lovely flower grows in the middle of Doggyspace Square. It has a thick green stem with a full purple and white bloom reaching for the sun. As remarkable as the flower is, its story is even more memorable.

It has been given a prominent spot at the Bridge to recognize the heroic work when it was mortal. Flowers are not known to be brave, but this one, called Peter, proved just how strong vegetation can be.

Man used to know how to live with nature, use its gift to build their homes, and then pay it back by tending to the land and enriching it. Then man needed to expand its living space, and to do so, they bulldozed the ground, taking out majestic trees and forcing critters to be homeless. At the Bridge, we could hear the land scream in mourning.

There was one such development being built in Connecticut. The men came with their bulldozers to destroy the peaceful land, which held dozens of different land creatures and even more birds.

Then, as the bulldozers began to destroy the land, Peter popped his head out of the soil. The driver was surprised to see the exotic flower, not something grown in these parts, blocking his path. The supervisor yelled at him to keep going, but he refused. They were not supposed to destroy anything rare. It was time to call the supervisors.

The site manager did not want to wait for the tree huggers to tell him he could not complete his work. He bent down to remover Peter, and the flower went back into the soil. Satisfied, he told his men to get back to work, then turned around to see three more Peters growing as his feet.  

Frustrated, he began kicking at them, trying to unroot Peter from the soil, which he did successfully, and when he turned triumphantly to show his men the dead flowers, he saw between them a field of Peter's head popped up and somehow seemed to be mocking him.

The regulators appeared, and they could not identify the kind of flowers of the sort Peter was, then announced that all work on the site would cease until they could. Now, there are no preventing men from taking the land they want because, in time, flowers die, but for one brief summer, Peter's resistance gave the other woodland creatures a new place to call home and the trees to replant themselves elsewhere.

Sometimes, no matter how delicate something is or the odds against survival, you need to stand up, and hopefully, you can change your world. 


  1. That is so true and the flower love shines through!

  2. What a beautiful story and a powerful message...and a most gorgeous and brave flower!!

  3. Flowers are the Leaders, the Generals shouting for attention. But it's the Weeds who are the soldiers of vegetation, spreading millions of seeds that no bulldozes will ever be able to eliminate. Ask any gardener.

  4. Yes, we can all be "Peters." Hmm, I wonder if that is what the soldiers who fight for right are?


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