Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Dog Rescurer

When Bishop arrived at Rainbow Bridge, he knew his assignment. Along with his brother Apollo and their angel siblings, he would watch over his mom, rebuild her heart and help her find dogs who needed rescuing. There is no more incredible dog rescuer than Momma Kimberli. But Bishop had no way of knowing what fate had planned for him and his mom. 


Momma Kimberi gave a part of her heart to the dozens of dogs she rescued or mothered. The most considerable section went to Bishop, whose transcribed conversations with his mom delighted their fans on Facebook. Sadly, Kimberli did not have enough of her heart remaining to sustain life after giving so much away.


During Bishop's welcoming ceremony, he, Apollo, and his mom's other dogs suddenly stood and then ran to the nearest church, where they began to pray. We followed, and that is when we learned that the day Bishop came to the Bridge, his mother had collapsed from a massive heart attack. 


Being an angel means you have two opposing thoughts in your head at all times. The first is that you want to be reunited with your parents. The second is that you want your parents to live a long life, which means they remain separate from you. The latter wins because angels always put others first.


Initially, it seemed like her dogs' prayers, visits, and consultations with doctors in their dreams would save their mom. She was released from a hospital and admitted to a rehab facility. She gave updates on Facebook, which filled her friends with optimism. But it was short-lived. Momma Kimberli had given away too much of her heart to carry on. 


One night this week, Bishop and Apollo floated down to see her. They put a paw on her bed, gave her arm a lick, and told her it was time to go outside. Delirious from the illness, she told them she couldn't go. But they encouraged her to get out of bed. When she did, she found all the pains and illness of life were gone. Bishop and Apollo ran ahead of her, and she began to move with a quickness and agility she had not experienced since her youth. They ran outside where everything was still; then they came to a riverbank. The dogs jumped in, and against her better judgment, Kimberli followed. When they surfaced, they were on a bright sunny riverbank. Bishop and Apollo nodded for her to follow. Following her dogs, Kimberli passed over the Rainbow Bridge.]


Humans and dogs have separate entrances to the Bridge. Because of all the rescue, wor did the powers that be decided Kimberli could crossover and live on the Dog side. She was greeted by the multitude of dogs she loved and saved. There were a lot of humans who traveled to greet her, but they knew her heart would always be whole when surrounded by dogs. 


She was given a beautiful house on the river with acres of room for her dogs and other pups who crossed over homeless to live and be loved. We had imagined her being a mom to thousands of dogs who didn't have homes on the mortal side. She questioned why no one had tried to put the unrescued with people who, because of allergies living space, or stubborn spouses, couldn't have dogs on the mortal side. We told her matching these dogs with billions of angels at the Bridge would be a monumental task. But Kimberli decided that was why she was here. 


She had placed four dogs with people unable to house them on the mortal side by her first night. No one had ever made such a difference on her first day at the Bridge. 

Her passing is a horrible loss for the people who loved her as well as everyone on the mortal side. But the Bridge became an even better place for the dogs and never had a home, and the people who could not have them are now together. 


  1. we agree... she will be one of this extra special angels...

  2. What a lovely tribute to a great friend of dogs.
    She is a special angel indeed and getting things organized there!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Angel Kimberli must be so happy to be with her doggos at The Rainbow Bridge.

  4. What an amazing lady she was, what a warm and loving tribute.

  5. What a beautiful tribute. I am glad of it.

  6. She was a very special person and is just as special as an angel.

  7. Now the Angels have a Super Angel to be there with them.


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