Sunday, March 6, 2022

Sophie Makes Her FInal Journey Home


Sophie knew her time was near. Her heartbeats were expiring, and her breath had grown labored. She could not hide the symptoms from her Momma Lori, who took her to the vet. That is when Sophie made her last request as a mortal dog.

Sophie's favorite place was in bed next to her mom. If she had to transition to being an Angel, Sophie wished to feel her last heartbeat and draw her final breath in bed with her mom.

I approved her request. While the vet's office people were exceedingly kind to me as I transitioned, all dogs prefer to pass over in their own home, making organizations like Laps of Love that employ vets who come to your home to help pets pass over invaluable. But, like in my area, the services are unavailable, so I helped Sophie hide the severity of her symptoms from the vet, so her last mortal feelings were her mom next to her and the warm bed they shared.

An unfortunate side effect of Sophie's plan was that it gave her mom a false sense of security. If the vet had not put Sophie down, that must mean she was okay. That is why to her Sophie's passing was a shock.

For the little dog, her last moment was perfect. She was snuggled next to her mom, looking deeply into her eyes, taking in all the beauty heaven would allow when she felt her soul rise out of her body as she took her last breath.

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Sophie could still hear her mom's sobs, but she had no chance of turning back than a toy on a conveyor belt. I waited with her friends and family, who had proceeded her on Hobo's Landing. As she rode Enzo'sEnzo's Escalator to where we stayed, she kept looking back, wanting to comfort her grieving mom.

It was more challenging than usual swearing-in as Sophie looked like she would go back, and it was hard to keep her attention. But we angels have sadly become quite good at helping suffering new angels who miss their mom. We teach them how to visit moms in dreams, which, even though the human psyche won't allow the humans to remember, will still leave traces of good feelings in their souls. Also, spring is arriving, and soon Sophie can take the form of birds and pretty insects to check on her mom. All is not hopeless for little Sophie, who can still snuggle with her mom in her dreams as she did on her first night.

For parents, the road from grief is lonely, and it is hard for humans to understand the concept of being in a better place and someday being reunited. Faith is something that lessens the more we need it. But Sophie says her priority as an Angel is to find her mom's faith and restore it because it will be the light that leads her from the darkness.


  1. we are sure the angels can help us with restoring faits... and they are always there...

  2. I know my mom feels she could have written this as well when she thinks of her precius little ones who have passed over. She still grieves though.

  3. Sophie will find a way, in time, for her memory to make her mom smile.


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