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Requiem For A Helluva Hamster


This morning, Pocket awoke and told me we needed to attend a swearing-in ceremony. I did not have any appointments, so I deduced it was a cat welcoming. After a lifetime of them bopping me on the nose and tormenting me by sitting on my deck and licking themselves, I, in the immortal world, have made my peace with and even befriended cats. I am not as close to them as Pocket is, but I have become more tolerant after becoming an Angel, so I got dressed and followed Pocket to the kitty welcoming center.

I don't know why knowing Pocket as I do that, I was surprised when we walked past the kitty center—she disclosures information like a spy being watered tortured: slowly and minimally.

I told her I thought we were going to see a cat, and she said we were going in place of cats, namely his friends Benni and Bobby.

"What did they lose? A horse?"

"A hamster."

"What?" I barked. "I am an important judge; I can't be seen at a hamster passing. What will the poodles think?"

Pocket seemed to pay a poodle's opinion no mind. She said that Honey the hamster was loved as a pet by her family and \\ deserved a proper greeting.

"They must have had the hamster a long time to be so saddened about his passing," I observed as we kept walking.

"She came into their home in the first week of January," Pocket said.

"Leas than two months?" I asked incredulously. "How attached can they have become to something so small who lived with them briefly?"

"Mommy was in love with us the first time she saw us," Pocket explained.

That's true, but I can only speak for myself. "Well, to be able to be loved in such a short amount of time, your friend must have been a helluva hamster."

We continued into small animal land, which made me nervous because they were skittering all over the place. It was very chaotic. We came to a spot where a judge hamster in a tiny black robe was swearing in the new angels.

Then Honey appeared, and all of her mom's pets who preceded her to the Bridge and the other hamsters cheered. Once Honey was sworn in, she was carried on the other hamsters' shoulders and celebrated for her grand achievement in making her family feel love in a short amount of time.

I had to admit; it was worth the trip:  Honey is a helluva hamster. 


  1. Sometimes it's the smallest beings that generate the most love. Very poignant tale.

  2. that was sweet... we so agree and we know all pets are furmily... no matter if big or small

  3. Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

  4. awww.......big time hugz two ewe honey ♥♥♥

  5. It seems even small pets can really take a big chunk out of our hearts when they leave us. Remembering Speedy the turtle, and Buddy and Topsie the parakeets from my childhood still brings a tear to my eyes.

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