Wednesday, March 2, 2022

On Dr Seuss Day Pocket Hear A Who on Dr. Seuss Day




Pocket has a favorite location.
Which she likes to visit each morn
When Rainbow Bridge is reborn
And the birds carry a tune like they are playing a horn

When it was quiet, and the sun started to climb high
Pocket slipped into the water and let out a sigh
When she heard a sound she thought was a fly
But it seemed more like a plaintive cry

Pocket was blessed with ears quite large.
And, when she heard the sounds, she thought it was an ear mirage
Then she saw a speck of dust from which the sound seemed to discharge
And she turned her eyes to make the sound enlarge.

Beyond the wind and over the water, she heard the word help coming from the dust.
No one else had Pocket's ears which were a must.
Because on that piece of dust was a land called Whoville
And they were about to get blown away by a gust.

The citizens of Whoville were concerned about their land
Where things were not working out as planned
They had existed for eons on the end of a strand
But we were blown off, and we now unmanned

Pocket promised to help them because she felt some appall
She knew the world could be cruel when you weren't tall
But Pocket lived by one phrase above all
A  person's a person, no matter how small.

To keep the fragile land safe, Pocket put the dust in her ear
Although the Who's constant chatter made her feel queer
And when she told her friends, they joined together in a loud jeer
Because no one believed little Pocket had a peer.

Pocket knew the Who could not stay in their current location
Although they were treating it like a permanent vacation
For now, Pocket had a new vocation
To give the Whos a new home no matter the frustration.

She brought them to her sister Foley who said she could not hear them.
And frankly thought Pocket was being dumb.
If Pocket could not convince her sister, the Who would surely succumb.
To prove the Who were there the little creatures needed to pound a million snare drums.

But Pocket knew a sound even louder than percussion
And asked the Who if a Yorkie was there for representation.
They had a little brown and black down who was becoming quite a sensation
And hoped her loud bark could save the nation.

Pocket knew nothing was louder than a hyper Yorkie
And when Zuzu, the little Who dog began barking, it was louder than a bachelor party
Foley and the other dogs realized Pocket had not been faulty
The Who were as real as a Christmas turkey

The angels built them a house bigger than a grand hall
Where they Who could live safely like a mouse in a hidey-hole
And Pocket was feted by the Who for being the greatest soul of all
Knowing a person is a person, no matter how small



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  1. oooh pocket , you rescued all da who's... that is sooooo wonderful!!!

  2. Excellent poem, and you made it into your own Story incorporating Dr. Seuss' Who. I know how hard it is to rhyme and have it make sense at the same time, so kudos to you. By the way I loved your coining of the phrase 'ear mirage'. It's so very descriptive.

  3. You are as big as your heart is
    and for you, Pocket
    that is very, very big!

  4. I 100% agree with Zoolatry...You are full of kindness and love for all
    Hugs cecilia

  5. So very true pocket...and also they can be louder than loud no matter how small(Sunny can attest to that!).
    A wonderful story!!
    Have a Seussical Day!
    Jakey,Rosy & Sunny

  6. pocket; well done; 984 paws up & bravo !!!! total lee awesum poem two day N we bet if ewe red thiz two dr seuss he wood say de same thing ..... we hope everee ther in heaven had de grandest oh parteez for his 118th :) ☺☺♥♥♥♥

  7. Pocket, the heroine of the Whos!!!

    Happy Dr. Seuss Day!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Aww, Pocket, with determination and persistence you saved all of Whoville. We bet they erect a statue in your honor. Of course, it will be too little for you to be able to see. XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia

  9. Awww, that really was most beautiful.


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